Dorothy (Hill Farmstead Brewery)

Style: Hoppy Farmhouse Pale Ale 7.0% ABV Brewery’s Note: “Farmstead ale brewed with wheat, fermented with Brettanomyces, and hopped with Citra. Dry-hopped in the foudres.” The beer pours a cloudy, straw yellow with a huge, creamy, and smooth head of whipped white bubbles. When the head leaves, the glass is left with a proper spatter work of thin, frothy lacing. In body, the beer is cloudy, … Continue reading Dorothy (Hill Farmstead Brewery)

Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale (Oxbow Brewing Company)

Style: Barrel Aged Wild Saison 6.5% ABV Batch #9 From: New Castle, ME Brewery’s Note: “Our flagship farmhouse ale fermented in stainless steel and aged in oak barrels.” When the cap popped, the bottle gushed, like an overly enthusiastic teenager… I was sad to see the nectar lost on the floor. The beer pours a pale, chalky yellow, sort of like a lemon burst. It’s … Continue reading Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale (Oxbow Brewing Company)

Cherry Funk (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Style: American Wild Ale with Cherries 7.5% ABV From: Krebs, Oklahoma Brewery’s Note: “Cherry Funk is a sour ale that has been aged on cherries, and has an ABV of 7.5%. The end results are dry and sour with tart cherry flavor and aroma. Unlike some fruit beers that are syrupy and sweet, Cherry Funk is complex and on point with Prairie’s farmhouse point of … Continue reading Cherry Funk (Prairie Artisan Ales)

XV [√225 Saison] (BFM {Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes})

Style: Wild Saison 5.0% ABV From: Saignelégier, Switzerland Brewery’s Note: “Brewed for the 15th anniversary of the brewery – hence the square root of 225 – a bit like a sort of gag for our domestic market not ready at all to accept sour beers, I decided to try. Couroussé by those nasty attitudes of American brewers make 22 different saisons in the same brewery, a … Continue reading XV [√225 Saison] (BFM {Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes})

Smuttlabs Hugs N’ Rainbows (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Red Brett Aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels 6.5% ABV 8 IBU’s Malt: North American 2-Row, Aromatic, Caramunich 2, Brown Malt Hops: Willamette Yeast: Brettanomyces Other Ingredients: Dark Candi Syrup, Oak Barrels Bottle #703 of 848 Brewery’s Note: “Hugs ‘n Rainbows joins Brett & I and our two Short Weiss beers in the ‘non-traditionally fermented” category. This red beer began in stainless steel tanks where it … Continue reading Smuttlabs Hugs N’ Rainbows (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Brux Domesticated Wild Ale (Sierra Nevada and Russian River Brewing Companies)

Style: American Wild Ale refermented in the bottle with Brettanomyces bruxellensis 8.3% ABV Released: July 2012 Brewer’s Note: “What began as mutual admiration between Sierra Nevada’s Grossman Family and Russian River’s Cilurzos has grown and progressed into genuine friendship. Brux began as an idea and has grown into something altogether different: The liquid manifestation of change over time. Refermented in the bottle with Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Brux will … Continue reading Brux Domesticated Wild Ale (Sierra Nevada and Russian River Brewing Companies)

2011 Vintage Oak Aged (Barrel No. 95) (Brouwerij Rodenbach)

Style: Single Vat Flanders Red 7.0% ABV Brewer’s Note: “RODENBACH the exceptional Flemish red-brown sour ale of mixed fermentation, takes on its unique character by maturing in handmade oak vats, some over 150 years old. This exclusive limited edition Vintage by RODENBACH is the result of a two-year aging process in Vat Number 95, resulting in our finest ale produced. Enjoy its unparalleled sweet and … Continue reading 2011 Vintage Oak Aged (Barrel No. 95) (Brouwerij Rodenbach)

Tart of Darkness (The Bruery)

Style: Sour Stout 7% ABV Brewer’s Note: “We brewed a stout – no, not Black Tuesday, this one is low in abv if you can believe it! But we then decided to put it into the barrels that previously housed Black Tuesday and various other strong ales and added our special blend of souring bacterias and wild yeasts.  The result is a perfectly tart yet … Continue reading Tart of Darkness (The Bruery)