Smuttlabs Smoked Peach Short Weiss (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Smoked Peach American Weisse 6.9% ABV From: Portsmouth, NH Bottled: 12/18/14 Brewery’s Note: “Berliner-style wheat ale with peaches and smoked malt” The beer pours a pale, chalky yellow, with perhaps just a hint of red to its color. It forms little to no head, and is nearly opaque in body with a cloudy murk. Honestly, it’s not the prettiest. On the nose, the beer … Continue reading Smuttlabs Smoked Peach Short Weiss (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Paradox Smokehead (Batch 015) (Brew Dog)

Type:  Imperial/Double Stout aged in Islay whisky casks 10% ABV Country: Scotland Bottled On: 08/08/08   My feelings for this bottle are the same as my feelings for the Paradox Isle of Arran bottle, as they are pretty much the same bottle.  I love the grungy industrial feel, and the fading paint is awesome, I also love the Brew Dog shield, and love the font … Continue reading Paradox Smokehead (Batch 015) (Brew Dog)

Heavy Seas Black Cannon

Appearance: Pours a reddened brown black with a thick creamy almost maple syrup colored head and a thick and runny lacing. Smell: Malty sweet up front with a slight bitter tinge in the back of the smell.  The smell is definitely soft for an IPA, though it’s black characteristics suggest a stronger malt flavoring. Taste: Smoked malts hit you pretty fast.  It’s wonderfully smokey like … Continue reading Heavy Seas Black Cannon