2014 Maiden (Siren Craft Brews)

Style: Barrel-Aged and Blended American Barleywine 11.1% ABV Barrels Mentioned: “Red Wine, Sauternes, Banyuls and Whisky” Barrels Assumed from 2013 Maiden: “Madeira, Bourbon, Armagnac & Tequila” Read More About the Maiden Program Here From: Wokingham, UK Brewery’s Note: “The goal for Maiden is to celebrate our love of experimentation and the impact of wood and time on a beer. A big barley wine is brewed … Continue reading 2014 Maiden (Siren Craft Brews)

When the Light Gose Out (Stillwater Artisnal Ales & Siren Craft Ales)

When the Light Gose Out (Stillwater Artisnal Brewers & Siren Craft Ales) Style: Brett Black Gose w/Hibiscus 4.5% ABV From: Finchampstead, England Brewery’s Note: “In collaboration with Stillwater Artisinal Ales, we wanted to approach a classic german brew sour beer with salt and add our own artistic flair. This beer is a black beer with no roasty notes extra sourness and fruity notes from hibiscus and pulled … Continue reading When the Light Gose Out (Stillwater Artisnal Ales & Siren Craft Ales)

Odyssey 001 (Siren Craft Brew)

Style: Blended Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 12.4% ABV   Brewery’s Note on Series: “Our Odyssey range is a collectionof beers that have been blended.  Sometimes a blend of the same beer in different barrels, sometimes very different beers that work together in a way that makes the sum greater than the individual parts.   Blending is a journey and also a challenge, and we felt … Continue reading Odyssey 001 (Siren Craft Brew)

Siren Noire aged in Bourbon Barrel (Heavy Seas Beer)

Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate State 9.5% ABV 18.5 IBUs Hops: Mount Hood Malts: 2-Row, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley Aged on: Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels Brewer’s Notes:  From the Uncharted Waters 2013 series. “Rich and velvety, this smooth brew owes its full body to healthy additions of imported specialty grains. The roasted malt flavors of coffee yield to notes of mocha, fig, and raisin – and … Continue reading Siren Noire aged in Bourbon Barrel (Heavy Seas Beer)