Notch Tafelbier (Notch Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Pale Table Beer Malt: Special Aromatic, Pils, Oats Hopes: Styrian Goldings, Saaz Yeast: Belgian From: Ipswich, MA Brewer’s Note: “Tafelbier is a Belgian beer of lower strength – and for good reason. Tafelbier was, (and still is) enjoyed by Belgian families at meal time. This is the ultimate summer session beer at 2.8% ABV. Dry hopped with Styrian Goldings and Saaz hops, it … Continue reading Notch Tafelbier (Notch Brewing Company)

Levitation Ale (Stone Brewing Company)

Style: Session India Amber Ale 4.4% ABV 45 IBU’s Hops: Columbus, Crystal, and Amarillo Brewer’s Note: “It’s been said that “Gravity Sucks.” Simple enough. Well, we at Stone have identified gravitational forces in the beer world. And we have come to the conclusion that they, well, see above. So we avoid these less-than-desirable gravitational forces. We avoid dumbed-down flavor profiles and the vigorous pursuit of … Continue reading Levitation Ale (Stone Brewing Company)

2012 Notch Valley Malt BSA (Notch Brewing Company)

Style: American Farmhouse Ale 4.4% ABV Malt: Valley Malt Pale & Crystal Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Ahtanum Yeast: Belgian Saison   And so we come to another beer from Notch.  I have to be honest here, I love this brewery.  I wasn’t a fan of their pilsner, but I have a strong feeling I just don’t like that style of pilsner, because their saison was one … Continue reading 2012 Notch Valley Malt BSA (Notch Brewing Company)

Notch Polotmavý (Notch Brewing Company)

Style: Czech Amber Lager 4.4% ABV Malt: Vienna Hops: Saaz Yeast: Lager   Another work of textual art from Notch, though it is pretty much the same as any other Notch bottle.  I don’t think I like the darker colors as much with the Notch style, but it is still perfectly laid out, and the fonts are all perfectly chosen.  This bottle is worth scrapbooking … Continue reading Notch Polotmavý (Notch Brewing Company)

Amber Road (Baxter Brewing Company)

Style: American Amber /Red Ale 5.5% ABV 35 IBU’s   I like the red, almost coca-cola-like color of this can, and the map of Russia on it is interesting and stylistically appeasing.  The fonts are all great, though the flowing script that describes the beer clashes slightly with the “Amber Road” font.  The can is a little cluttered with text, but overall fairly balanced, and … Continue reading Amber Road (Baxter Brewing Company)