English ESB Ale (The Portsmouth Brewery)

Style: Extra Special Bitters (ESB) 6.0% ABV Brewer’s Note: “Our ESB is a bolder, hoppier pale ale.” The beer’s label is the Portsmouth Brewery’s label, which is nice and quirky.  The labels coloring is eye catching and the fonts, while a little mundane, are interesting enough to catch the eye.  My biggest complaint with the labels is the background color, which is a pale tan … Continue reading English ESB Ale (The Portsmouth Brewery)

Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit 4.8% ABV Brewed with: Chaga, Honey, Black Locust Blossoms Brewer’s Note: “CHAGALOC is a challenging gruit, with chaga and black locust blossoms. Tart, sour even, but “refreshing like an Arnold Palmer” sez Ryan. Dang tasty is all!” The beer pours a ruddy, caramelized yellow with orange tints.  The beer pours with a soapy head that immediately fades away to nothing, though the … Continue reading Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)