Dormancy with Coconut and Tayberry (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Porter Brewed with Tayberry & Coconut 9.4% ABV From: Newmarket, NH Brewery’s Note: “Dormancy is our interpretation of an imperialized American Porter. This beer is brewed with 2-row, roasted malts, rye malts, Tayberry, & fresh organic coconut./ This beer is 100% bottle conditioned, 100% unpasteurized and like all our beers, 100% unfiltered. There is a naturally occurring sediment in the bottle: it is … Continue reading Dormancy with Coconut and Tayberry (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Remedy (From the Barrel Brewing Company)

Style:Imperial Porter 8.5% ABV From: Londonderry, NH The beer pours a milky dark brown with a light tan head of smaller bubbles. As it sits, it kind of reminds me of a good root beer in the glass. In body, the beer is opaque with milky cloudiness. It’s not gorgeous, but it has a muddy intrigue to its appearance. On the nose the beer is … Continue reading Remedy (From the Barrel Brewing Company)

Smuttlabs Satchmo (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: English Brown Porter Brewed with foraged black trumpet mushrooms and aged in red wine barrels 4.9% ABV 25 IBU 25 barrels brewed Malt: North American 2-Row, Munich 10L, C-60, Brown, Chocolate Hops: Willamette Yeast: American Ale Yeast Other Ingredients: Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Red Wine Barrels Bottle #357 of 836 Brewer’s Note: “This is our second batch of Satchmo, Smutty’s first culinary collaboration beer. Initially conceived with … Continue reading Smuttlabs Satchmo (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Walker’s Reserve (Fireston Walker Brewing Company)

Style: Robust American Porter 5.8% ABV 45 IBU’s Fermentation: Selectively fermented in the Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system Malts: Premium Two-Row, Maris Otter, Crystal 77, Crystal 120, DH Carafa, Chocolate, Wheat, Oat Flakes Hops: Bittering—U.S. Goldings Late Kettle—East Kent Golding Whirlpool Hops—Cascade Bottled in 2011 Brewer’s Note: “A singularly distinctive beer that represents our finest brewing efforts, Walker’s Reserve is a elegant dark ale … Continue reading Walker’s Reserve (Fireston Walker Brewing Company)

Genghis Pecan (Clown Shoes)

Style:  Pecan Pie Porter 7% ABV Brewer’s Note:  ”Our new Pecan Pie Porter no longer uses extract, but rather brown sugar and pecans roasted by friends at The Gallows in Boston.” This bottle is strange, in true Clown Shoes fashion, but I’m not really a fan.  I like the turkeys wearing clown shoes, but why the hell is Genghis Khan throwing pies at them, and … Continue reading Genghis Pecan (Clown Shoes)

King Titus (Maine Beer Company)

Style: American Porter 7.5% ABV Color – Dark Chocolate O.G. – 1.078 Malt – American 2-Row, Caramel 40L, Caramel 80L, Munich 10L, Chocolate, Roasted Wheat, Flaked Oats Hops – Centennial, Columbus Bottled On: 10/27/12 Batch #2 Brewer’s Notes: “Our take on an American robust porter.  Dark, thick, chewy, chocolaty, and of course, generously hopped.” “Titus was a wonderful bold silverback gorilla that led with his … Continue reading King Titus (Maine Beer Company)

Dean’s Beans Coffeehouse Porter (Berkshire Brewing Company)

Style: American Coffee Porter 6.2% ABV 36 IBU’s Bottle Type: 22 oz. Bombers Brewing Notes: Takes BBC’s popular Drayman’s Porter and adds Dean’s Beans organic coffee to the mix The bottle has a nice classic Berkshire look with a light milk chocolate color mixed with some golden toffee borders.  I feel similarly to this bottle as I did about the Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale—it … Continue reading Dean’s Beans Coffeehouse Porter (Berkshire Brewing Company)

Porter Square Porter (Slumbrew)

This is a nice big bomber bottle with an industrial-weird feeling to its design. The things on the front look like red tinted satellites or kites or something, but I really can’t quite tell what they are, and the title-heading color choice of industrial gross green is a little slimy for my taste.  I do like the fonts used though, both for the brewery name … Continue reading Porter Square Porter (Slumbrew)

Vanilla Porter (Breckenridge Brewery)

The bottle looks like a cross between a Woodstock look and the 1950’s homemaker/June Cleaver design.  The lightning bolt company logo is awesome and the vanilla flower seems like it’s out of a naturalist’s book, but the bottle is a little boring overall.  If I had a collection of bottles similarly designed to this one I might display them on a shelf, but as an … Continue reading Vanilla Porter (Breckenridge Brewery)