Heather Ale (Cambridge Brewing Company)

Style: American Gruit brewed with Heather Flowers 5% ABV OG: 1.048 FG: 1.010 Malt: Scottish floor-malted barley Boil: fresh harvested Heather Flowers, Sweet Gale, Lavender Conditioning: fresh Heather, Yarrow Bottled on: August 2012 Batch #1 Brewer’s Notes: “From out of the darkness of pre-recorded history, Heather Ale is an altogether unique brew. Originally crafted by the inhabitants of coastal Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Northern … Continue reading Heather Ale (Cambridge Brewing Company)

William Wallace (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: Scottish Gruit brewed with Sweet Juniper Berries and Heather Flowers/Tips 5.5% ABV The beer pours like murky swamp water, a gross yellowed brown, almost like cider.  A light white head forms and fizzes away, leaving a slight head/scrim behind.  The body is, as I have already said, murky and indiscernible.  Honestly, if this weren’t a gruit I would say it was an ugly beer, … Continue reading William Wallace (Earth Eagle Brewings)