Albus Singularis Blend #1 (OEC)

Style: Witbier w/ginger root, chamomile, lemon balm. Aged 4 months in a Pinot Noir/Gin barrel 4.7% ABV From: Oxford, CT Brewery’s Note: “Albus is our historic interpretation of a Belgian white ale brewed with copious amounts of malted & unmalted wheat along with ginger root, chamomile and lemon balm. It is fermented using saccharomyces and lactobaccilus. Albus Singularis is a special edition matured in an … Continue reading Albus Singularis Blend #1 (OEC)

Imperial Trouble Tripel (Beer’d Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Tripel aged in Zinfandel Wine Barrels 9.4% ABV From: Stonington, CT Price: Unsure/One time release Brewery’s Note: “Aged for at least eight months in a Jonathan Edwards Zinfandel wine barrel. This formidable brew has taken on notes of the jammy wine and nuances of toasted oak.” The beer pours a dark, orange-gold with a rouge hint that suggests the wine. The beer forms … Continue reading Imperial Trouble Tripel (Beer’d Brewing Company)