Supplication (Russian River Brewing Company)

Style: Sour Brown Ale aged in Pinot Noir Barrels with Sour Cherries 7.0% ABV OG: 1.060 From: Santa Rosa, CA Brewery’s Note: “Brown Ale aged in used Pinot Noir barrels from local Sonoma County wineries. It is aged for about 12 months with sour cherries, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added to each barrel. Flavors from the cherries, Pinot Noir and oak balance each other nicely with … Continue reading Supplication (Russian River Brewing Company)

Nancy (Allagash Brewing Company)

Style: American Wild Ale fermented with Cherries 6.3% ABV Brewery’s Note: “Nancy is a sour red ale fermented with Maine cherries and Brettanomyces in 100% stainless, for just shy of a year. The cherries were a blend of Balaton and Montmorrency and added at a rate of 2lbs per gallon. Copper in color, Nancy has an aroma of cherries, bread crust and a touch of … Continue reading Nancy (Allagash Brewing Company)

Bourbon Barrel Aged 319 (Idle Hands Craft Ales)

Style: American Quad brewed with cherries and aged in bourbon barrels 10.7% ABV Aged for 6 Months From: Everett, MA Brewery’s Note: “Belgian style Quadruple brewed with Cherries.  Aged in a single barrel of Eagle Rare 10 year for Redstone Liquors. 20 cases produced.” The beer pours a dark, dark mahogany color with a head of sand colored bubbles that slowly recede to a nice … Continue reading Bourbon Barrel Aged 319 (Idle Hands Craft Ales)

Cherry Funk (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Style: American Wild Ale with Cherries 7.5% ABV From: Krebs, Oklahoma Brewery’s Note: “Cherry Funk is a sour ale that has been aged on cherries, and has an ABV of 7.5%. The end results are dry and sour with tart cherry flavor and aroma. Unlike some fruit beers that are syrupy and sweet, Cherry Funk is complex and on point with Prairie’s farmhouse point of … Continue reading Cherry Funk (Prairie Artisan Ales)

2012 Madame Rose (Goose Island Beer Company)

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin 6.5% ABV 25 IBU’s Color: Deep Crimson Hops: Fuggles Malt: 2-Row, Caramel, Wheat, Dark Chocolate, Victory Brewer’s Notes:  Ale is fermented with wild yeast and aged on cherries in wine barrels The bottle is classy and elegant, with a lovely light gray oval displaying a simple yet pretty branch with cherries on it.  I like how the bottle carries the year, as this is … Continue reading 2012 Madame Rose (Goose Island Beer Company)

Red Poppy Ale (The Lost Abbey)

Style: Flanders Red Ale 5.5% ABV Classy bottles make lovely shelf decorations, and this bottle is very classy.  I love the Celtic cross and the simplistic red poppy graphic.  The text for the beer name and brewery name is superb and a perfect meshing of classy and simplistic.  The text that describes the beer is a little boring, though, and does take away from the … Continue reading Red Poppy Ale (The Lost Abbey)

Oude Tart (The Bruery)

Style: Flanders Red Ale 7.5% ABV 15 IBU’s SRM: 16 I’m so happy to have found a bottle of this beer.  As a note, it cost me over $20, which I am chalking up to the fact that I live on the east coast.  We don’t really see many beers by the Bruery here, but I am super excited to try this one.  I’ve only … Continue reading Oude Tart (The Bruery)

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat (The Boston Beer Company)

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Ale 5.3% ABV Color: Hazy golden, 6.4 SRM Original Gravity: 13.2° Plato IBUs: 23 Malt Varieties: Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, Munich 10, and malted wheat Hop Variety: Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops Yeast Strain: Samuel Adams ale yeast Special Ingredient: cherries, honey This bottle screams mass production.  You can look at my review of Samuel Adams Summer Ale (provide link) if you need my break down of all … Continue reading Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat (The Boston Beer Company)

Cerise (Founders Brewing Company)

Style: Fruit Beer 6.5% ABV 15 IBU’s Brewing Notes: Michigan tart cherries added to five separate stages of the fermentation process This is a pretty bottle.  The light pink, white, and red color scheme works beautifully with the beer, and the font hand-written and curly style is beautiful.  I love the drizzling paint/tree that is the faint background of the bottle.  The Founders symbol even … Continue reading Cerise (Founders Brewing Company)