Assemblage No. 1 (Brasserie Dunham)

Style: Blended American Wild Ale 5.5% ABV From: Dunham, Quebec Brewery’s Note: “Propolis and our American Pale Ale both aged in Zinfandel barrels with Brettanomyces. Our first iconic assembly [blend?] where the effect of the barrels transcends the two base of beers used here. Fruity flavors, zesty, floral, rustic touches of brett. A big beer thirsty!” –According to Google Translate and me inferring… The beer … Continue reading Assemblage No. 1 (Brasserie Dunham)

Art #18 (Night Shift Brewing)

Style: American Wild Ale blend 6.3% ABV Bottled on: 3/10/14 Brewer’s Note: “Night Shift “Art” is a series of experimental, test-batch beers and beer-blends that are thoughtful expressions of our current creative process. Some might become larger production batches, some will fade into the night. The goal is unique, artistic beer experimentation. [Art #18 is made of an]Oak aged blend of Berliner Weisse beers & … Continue reading Art #18 (Night Shift Brewing)

Gueuze Giradin 1882 (Black Label) (Brouwerij Girardin)

Style: Gueuze 5% ABV Malt: Raw Wheat, Malt (Unspecified variety) Hops: 2-3 Years Old (Unspecified variety) Bottled in: 2013 From: Dilbeek-St Ulriks Kapelle, Belgium The beer’s label is an old-timey Belgian label.  It has some nice barrels that are surrounded/wreathed in hop vines, and other than that it has a lot of basic text and a lot of clutter around the edges of the bottle.  … Continue reading Gueuze Giradin 1882 (Black Label) (Brouwerij Girardin)