Saison D’Epeautre (La Brasserie de Blaugies)

Style: Saison 6.00% ABV From: Dour, Belgium Importer’s Note: “Saison D’Epeautre is a saison beer made in a unique traditional style, using spelt and barley malt in the mash. Very dry and light in body, with a hint of wheaty tartness and a hardy texture that expresses the character of spelt, a primitive strain of wheat.”It is one truly feisty brew, with an outrageous pop and … Continue reading Saison D’Epeautre (La Brasserie de Blaugies)

Broken Angel (Trillium Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale 9.0% ABV From: Boston, MA Bottled on: 01/23/15 Brewery’s Note: “Belgian Strong Pale Ale” The beer pours a pale yellow, like dried straw, and forms a head of eggshell white bubbles above the glass. When the head descends, it leaves an absolute sheet of creamy lacing, like a tidal wave of tiny eggs. It crystal clear and clean in body … Continue reading Broken Angel (Trillium Brewing Company)

Oude Lambiek (Geuzestekerij De Cam)

Style: 3 Year Old Unblended Lambic 5.0% ABV Bottled In: 2012 From: Gooik, Belgium Distributor’s Note: “One of Belgium’s most sought after Lambics! Karel Goddeau is the Master Blender at the Geuzestekkerij De Cam in Gooik, the pearl of Payottenland in Flemish Brabant. De Cam occupies a barn on the grounds of a museum of folk life in Gooik in the heart of Lambic country. It … Continue reading Oude Lambiek (Geuzestekerij De Cam)

2014 Big Beer Series: Zinneke (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Stout 8.7% ABV 50 IBU’s Malt: North American 2-Row, Carawheat, Munich 10L, C-120, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Brown Hops: Magnum, Glacier Yeast: Trappist Ale yeast Other: Dark #2 Belgian Candi Syrup FG: 19° Plato From: Hampton, NH Brewery’s Note: “Named in honor of the doggy denizens of Brussels, this hybrid beer is a mix of what we love best in a big, roasty stout, … Continue reading 2014 Big Beer Series: Zinneke (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Imperial Trouble Tripel (Beer’d Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Tripel aged in Zinfandel Wine Barrels 9.4% ABV From: Stonington, CT Price: Unsure/One time release Brewery’s Note: “Aged for at least eight months in a Jonathan Edwards Zinfandel wine barrel. This formidable brew has taken on notes of the jammy wine and nuances of toasted oak.” The beer pours a dark, orange-gold with a rouge hint that suggests the wine. The beer forms … Continue reading Imperial Trouble Tripel (Beer’d Brewing Company)

Smuttlabs White IPA (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: White IPA (Hybrid: Belgian Wit with IPA level hops) 4.5% ABV Price: $$ From: Seacoast, NH Availability: Limited (Mostly in NH and select accounts in the North East) Brewery’s Note: “A White IPA brewed with witbier yeast, coriander, two types of orange peel and lots of Citra hops.” The beer pours a pale and oranging yellow, sort of like dehydrated piss. The beer pours … Continue reading Smuttlabs White IPA (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Boulevard Smokestack Series: Sixth Glass (Boulevard Brewing Company)

Style: American Quadruple 10.5% ABV 22 IBU’s Color (EBC): 73.2 O.G.: 21.5 Plato F.G.: 2.6 Plato CO2 – Bottles: 4.0 vol. (8.0 g/L) Brewer’s Note: “‘Do you know what dwells in a glass?’ asks Ole, in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Watchman of the Tower. Better known for stories such as The Little Mermaid, Andersen wrote this short, cautionary tale for a somewhat older audience. Our quadrupel … Continue reading Boulevard Smokestack Series: Sixth Glass (Boulevard Brewing Company)

La Fin Du Monde (Unibroue)

Style: Tripel-Style Golden Ale 9.0% ABV 19 IBU’s SRM: 5.5 Bottle Refermented Brewer’s Notes:  “The ‘liquid gold”, with its wild spices and incomparable flavor so precious to ancient explorers, could only be brewed in the High Lands of America.  Travelers of old, it was said, would gladly go to the ends of the world to reach La Fin du Monde!” Alas, a beer for the … Continue reading La Fin Du Monde (Unibroue)

Red Poppy Ale (The Lost Abbey)

Style: Flanders Red Ale 5.5% ABV Classy bottles make lovely shelf decorations, and this bottle is very classy.  I love the Celtic cross and the simplistic red poppy graphic.  The text for the beer name and brewery name is superb and a perfect meshing of classy and simplistic.  The text that describes the beer is a little boring, though, and does take away from the … Continue reading Red Poppy Ale (The Lost Abbey)

Baby Tree (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)

Style: Abbey Quadruple (Quad) 9% ABV Malts: Pils, Vienna, Chocolate malt, Oats ABV: 9.0% Color: Garnet (Rated #1 Belgian Style Tripel/Quad in New England by Boston Magazine)   The bottle is kind of terrifying, but then again, so is the actual tree in Yorkshire, lots of babies sticking out of a tree.  However, if you ignore the babies then the tree looks nice and stylized.  … Continue reading Baby Tree (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)