Orval (Brasserie D’Orval)

Style: Brett-Spiked Belgian Pale Ale 6.9% ABV Bottled On: 09/25/2014 Brewery Notes: “Orval beer is a high fermentation beer. The ageing process adds a fruity note, which strikes a subtle balance between the beer’s full-bodied yet complex flavour and bitterness./ The beer was first brewed in 1931 and owes its unparalleled taste to the quality of the water, the hops and the yeast used. The … Continue reading Orval (Brasserie D’Orval)

Valar Morghulis (Brewery Ommegang)

Style: American Dubbel 8.0% ABV Malt: Our carefully crafted mixture of specialty malts. Sugar: Dark Candi Hops: Apollo, Hallertau Spalt From: Cooperstown, NY Brewery’s Note: “In the world of Westeros, Valar Morghulis means “all men must die.” Fans of the hit HBO show chose the foreboding phrase as the name of the newest beer in the Game of Thrones® collaboration between HBO and Brewery Ommegang. … Continue reading Valar Morghulis (Brewery Ommegang)

Lindemans Faro Lambic (Brouwerij Lindmans)

Style: Faro 4.20% ABV Brewer’s Note: “A version of Belgium’s “wild-fermented” wheat beer, which is the result of blending Lambic of “one summer” with old Lambic and chaptalized with candy sugar./ Faro is an intriguing balance of wineyness and sweetness. This was probably the beer being served in Breugel’s paintings of Flemish Village Life.” I actually love the black and white coloring of this label, … Continue reading Lindemans Faro Lambic (Brouwerij Lindmans)

Boulevard Smokestack Series: Sixth Glass (Boulevard Brewing Company)

Style: American Quadruple 10.5% ABV 22 IBU’s Color (EBC): 73.2 O.G.: 21.5 Plato F.G.: 2.6 Plato CO2 – Bottles: 4.0 vol. (8.0 g/L) Brewer’s Note: “‘Do you know what dwells in a glass?’ asks Ole, in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Watchman of the Tower. Better known for stories such as The Little Mermaid, Andersen wrote this short, cautionary tale for a somewhat older audience. Our quadrupel … Continue reading Boulevard Smokestack Series: Sixth Glass (Boulevard Brewing Company)

Chimay Bleue Grande Reserve (Bières de Chimay S.A.)

Bottle: I like the shape of the bottle.  These short fat bottles are becoming a rarity, but everyone that uses them makes good beer.  The script around the neck is also a fancy touch which I appreciate.  Honestly, fancy is the word I would use to describe the bottle.  Its rather minimalist in design with a mediocre “Chimay” crest in the middle, and then “Chimay” … Continue reading Chimay Bleue Grande Reserve (Bières de Chimay S.A.)