HoneyMaker Lavender Mead (Maine Mead Works)

Style: Lavender Metheglin Mead Maker’s Note: “Made in the spirit of French botanical aperitifs, this aromatic semi-sweet mead invokes the most iconic scents of summer. Locally grown varieties of English lavender from Glendarragh Farms in Appleton, Maine, impart brilliant floral notes balanced with a distinctive minerality. Creamy, round finish with lingering citrus and pineapple. Medium to full-bodied, built on a foundation of smooth wildflower honey.” … Continue reading HoneyMaker Lavender Mead (Maine Mead Works)

Hard Honey (Downeast Cider House)

Style: Session Mead 5.1% ABV From: Charlestown, MA Brewer’s Note: “Our take on the world’s oldest drink combines pure orange blossom honey with fresh apple cider for a clean, easy-drinking session mead.” So Downeast is a funky cider house literally underneath the Tobin Bridge in Charlestown, MA. They had their start in Maine, however, and are creating superbly fresh and delicious cider in a can. … Continue reading Hard Honey (Downeast Cider House)

Hoped Blueberry Maple (Sap House Meadery)

Style: Hopped Mead 14.6 % ABV   What? A mead review? Yes, it’s time that mead had its day among the fermentable drinks, and I am giving it one.  This mead was brewed in Ossipee New Hampshire by the folks at Sap House Meadery, who have won quite a few awards for their mead and seem to have the art of mead making down.  This is … Continue reading Hoped Blueberry Maple (Sap House Meadery)