Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier (The Boston Beer Company)

Style: Witbier 5.3%  ABV   This is a classic Samuel Adams glass that is just oozing mass marketing and easy print.  The text completely befuddles the entirety of the glass and the plain fonts outside the “Samuel Adams” name give the beer a boring feel.  This bottle is not worthy of shelf space.   The beer pours a hazy piss yellow with an ever so … Continue reading Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier (The Boston Beer Company)

Clementine (Clown Shoes Beer)

Style: White Ale 6%  ABV The bottle’s blue and orange color scheme with the slight white-accents works nicely, and the tree is a cool illustration, though the clown shoes are a little creepy on its trunk.  I love the scroll around the tree and the orange peels that underline the company name as well as the slight swirls of thin orange peel found around the … Continue reading Clementine (Clown Shoes Beer)