Amais (Mystic Brewery)

Style: Dark Stock Ale aged in American Oak/Saison Porter aged in Sam Adams Utopias Barrels 7.2% ABV 32 IBU’s OG: 16° Plato Brewer’s Note: “Amais is a tavern ale aged in American oak barrels in the tradition of a brewery’s ‘keeping ale’ or stock ale. It is named after Amais Maverick, wife of the colonist who settled the land on which the beer was brewed./ … Continue reading Amais (Mystic Brewery)

Descendant Suffolk Dark Ale (Mystic Brewery)

Style: Suffolk Dark Ale/English Farmhouse Stout/Stingo Ale? 7.0% ABV 32 IBU’s 16° Plato Bottle Size: 750 ml Yeast: Renaud Re-fermentation: Rockpile From: Chelsea, MA Brewer’s Note: “Mystic Descendant is a beer descended from the cultural history of the Boston harbor area.  A dry Irish stout meets an English porter and is then fermented in the fermentorium with our saison yeast with a touch of the ubiquitous … Continue reading Descendant Suffolk Dark Ale (Mystic Brewery)