King Goblin (Wychwood Brewery)

As I said about the HobGoblin bottle (Also from Wychwood Brewery) I love their bottle designs.  The whole Brothers Grimm-esque thing really works and makes an exciting bottle.  The Goblin in his little Legend of Zelda hat looks similar to the awesome goblin on the label of Hob Gobiln, and the great scrolls that show the beers title and explanation are cool and dark purple.  … Continue reading King Goblin (Wychwood Brewery)

Tango Wilco Foxtrot (Lagunitas Brewing Company)

Bottle:  A fairly simple design, though I like the paper used for the labels with its thick graininess.  With its plain cream color and dog symbol, which is present on all Lagunitas bottles, I don’t get the feeling of anything special, and not really something I would display on the shelf.  Boring type and simplicity. Appearance: Pours a carameled brown, with a nice thick yellow … Continue reading Tango Wilco Foxtrot (Lagunitas Brewing Company)