Barrel Aged Roulette (Beer’d Brewing Company)

Style: Russian Imperial Stout aged in Port Wine Barrels 8.5% ABV Bottle #1489/1624 From: Stonington, CT Brewery Notes: “Roulette started as a full bodied, robust, Russian Imperial Stout. We then aged it in Jonathan Edwards Port Wine barrels for at least a year. The result is a velvety smooth incarnation still full of roast, but beautifully married with both the oak and the rich essence … Continue reading Barrel Aged Roulette (Beer’d Brewing Company)

2014 Slumbrew Yankee Swap (Somerville Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Stout aged in Turkey Shore Rum Barrels 12% ABV 68 IBU’s *Beer Aged for One Year in my cellar* From: Brewer based in Somerville, MA but beer brewed in Ipswich, MA Brewery’s Note: “This 2014 imperial stout is the SECOND EDITION in our Yankee Swap series. It’s aged in Turkey Shore Distilleries rum barrels to create a unique flavor profile that continues to … Continue reading 2014 Slumbrew Yankee Swap (Somerville Brewing Company)

King Misanthrope (Henniker Brewing Company)

King Misanthrope (Henniker Brewing Company) Style: Russian Imperial Stout aged on toasted Maple Wood cured with American whiskey 10% ABV From: Henniker, NH Part of the Off The Grid Series Brewery’s Note: “Misanthrope: A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society./ Bold, dark, strong, and unapologetic.  King Misanthrope is a Russian Imperial Stout aged on house-toasted maple wood cured with American whiskey from Flag Hill … Continue reading King Misanthrope (Henniker Brewing Company)

Bomb! (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Style: Imperial Stout aged on Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans & Chili Peppers 13% ABV 65 IBU’s Coffee From: Nordaggios Coffee From: Tulsa, OK Brewery’s Note: “Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to compliment the intense coffee … Continue reading Bomb! (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Smuttlabs: The Stallion (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Stout 11.0% ABV Bottled On: 2/3/15 From: Hampton, NH They don’t leave notes. The beer pours like thick, sludgy coffee. Light makes it through the thin stream as it flows into the glass, but it definitely struggles in doing so. The beer sits in the glass as a deep, brooding black, like that heartless stallion that can’t be tamed… The beer forms a … Continue reading Smuttlabs: The Stallion (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

PM Dawn (Trillium Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Coffee Stout brewed with cold brewed Aceh coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company 9.0% ABV From: Boston, MA Breweries Note: ? Coffee Roaster’s Notes: “Syrupy body and low acidity with chocolate, black cherry and subtle earthy flavors. This coffee is grown by members of the Gayo Linge Organic Coffee Cooperative in the highlands of the Aceh Province in Northern Sumatra. Gayo Linge is a … Continue reading PM Dawn (Trillium Brewing Company)

Odyssey 001 (Siren Craft Brew)

Style: Blended Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 12.4% ABV   Brewery’s Note on Series: “Our Odyssey range is a collectionof beers that have been blended.  Sometimes a blend of the same beer in different barrels, sometimes very different beers that work together in a way that makes the sum greater than the individual parts.   Blending is a journey and also a challenge, and we felt … Continue reading Odyssey 001 (Siren Craft Brew)