Lump of Coal (Ridgeway Brewing)

Style: Foreign/Export Stout 8.0% ABV Brewer’s Note: “Looking forward to a depressing holiday? Here is liquid consolation. This 8% bittersweet chocolate stout is the best you could hope for in these dark times. Actually, come to think of it, considering how bad you’ve been, this little coal-black gem is more than you deserve for Christmas this year./ The handiwork of vastly talented (but altogether too … Continue reading Lump of Coal (Ridgeway Brewing)

Babayaga (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)

Style: Foreign Export Stout 7. % ABV 48.4 IBU’s Hop Variety: Bramling Cross, Perle Malt Variety: Pale, Roasted Malts, Rye Color: Very Dark Brown Brewer’s Notes: “We smoke some malt with rosemary, and we add a few other eerie embellishments… We ferment with a mix of English and Belgian yeast strains.” Brew Poem (from the brewers): Dark beer: keeper of secrets. Here lie truths that cannot be … Continue reading Babayaga (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)