St. Klippenstein (Allagash Brewing Company)

Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Imperial Stout 11% ABV Grains: Dark Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, and Brown Malt Hops: Chinook and Northern Brewer Yeast: Trappist-style Barrels: Aged for three months in bourbon barrels Bottled On: 12/31/15 From: Portland, ME Brewery’s Note: “At the brewery, we celebrate St. Klippenstein day to commemorate our love of free ham, pot lucks, and big stouts. In honor, we brewed … Continue reading St. Klippenstein (Allagash Brewing Company)

2014 Big Beer Series: Zinneke (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Stout 8.7% ABV 50 IBU’s Malt: North American 2-Row, Carawheat, Munich 10L, C-120, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Brown Hops: Magnum, Glacier Yeast: Trappist Ale yeast Other: Dark #2 Belgian Candi Syrup FG: 19° Plato From: Hampton, NH Brewery’s Note: “Named in honor of the doggy denizens of Brussels, this hybrid beer is a mix of what we love best in a big, roasty stout, … Continue reading 2014 Big Beer Series: Zinneke (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Babayaga (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)

Style: Foreign Export Stout 7. % ABV 48.4 IBU’s Hop Variety: Bramling Cross, Perle Malt Variety: Pale, Roasted Malts, Rye Color: Very Dark Brown Brewer’s Notes: “We smoke some malt with rosemary, and we add a few other eerie embellishments… We ferment with a mix of English and Belgian yeast strains.” Brew Poem (from the brewers): Dark beer: keeper of secrets. Here lie truths that cannot be … Continue reading Babayaga (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)