Dormancy with Coconut and Tayberry (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Porter Brewed with Tayberry & Coconut 9.4% ABV From: Newmarket, NH Brewery’s Note: “Dormancy is our interpretation of an imperialized American Porter. This beer is brewed with 2-row, roasted malts, rye malts, Tayberry, & fresh organic coconut./ This beer is 100% bottle conditioned, 100% unpasteurized and like all our beers, 100% unfiltered. There is a naturally occurring sediment in the bottle: it is … Continue reading Dormancy with Coconut and Tayberry (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Remedy (From the Barrel Brewing Company)

Style:Imperial Porter 8.5% ABV From: Londonderry, NH The beer pours a milky dark brown with a light tan head of smaller bubbles. As it sits, it kind of reminds me of a good root beer in the glass. In body, the beer is opaque with milky cloudiness. It’s not gorgeous, but it has a muddy intrigue to its appearance. On the nose the beer is … Continue reading Remedy (From the Barrel Brewing Company)

Lil’ B (Evil Twin Brewing)

Style: Imperial Porter 11.5% ABV Brewed At: Westbrook Brewing Co., SC, USA Brewer’s Note: “Shall one compare thee to a fair beer,/ Not even this perfect porter before thou will do thee justice./ Thou art more complex, brave and cunning./ Thou have changed more than a brew will ever./ Thou may be lil’, but thy mind is greater than words can speak and beer will ever … Continue reading Lil’ B (Evil Twin Brewing)