Biere de Chocolat (Almanac Beer Company)

Style: American Porter brewed with Chocolate 5.5% ABV From: San Francisco, CA Brewer’s Note: “Our Biere de Chocolat celebrates the long and lauded history of chocolate production in San Francisco. Our aim was to create a beer bursting with cocoa flavors and aromas, balancing sweet and savory to create a complex but quaffable chocolate brew. To accomplish this we partnered with Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco … Continue reading Biere de Chocolat (Almanac Beer Company)

Porter Square Porter (Slumbrew)

This is a nice big bomber bottle with an industrial-weird feeling to its design. The things on the front look like red tinted satellites or kites or something, but I really can’t quite tell what they are, and the title-heading color choice of industrial gross green is a little slimy for my taste.  I do like the fonts used though, both for the brewery name … Continue reading Porter Square Porter (Slumbrew)