Gold Claw (Blue Lobster Brewing Company)

Style: American Pale Ale 4.5% ABV From: Hampton, NH Brewer’s Note: “Our interpretation of a “table” American Pale Ale. Hopped with Ahtanum and Falconer’s Flight.” The growler/company’s logo is of a lobster grabbing onto the oval that outlines the label.  It is clean and simple with very few lines.  The font is simple and straight forward, clearly displaying the brewery’s title.  I like the lobster … Continue reading Gold Claw (Blue Lobster Brewing Company)

Nephenthe Ales Solo- Springer (lawn-mower ale) (Candia Road Brewing Company)

Style: American Pale Ale/ American Golden Ale 7.4% ABV OG: 1.070 From: Manchester, NH Brewer’s Note: “This hazy golden ale was originally brewed out on the back steps on the first day of summer 2012. We wanted a yellow beer with a giant flavor, this hop bomb is great for the backyard or a freshwater rod. Lots of grapefruit and strong citrus flavors. This beer … Continue reading Nephenthe Ales Solo- Springer (lawn-mower ale) (Candia Road Brewing Company)

Daymark (Rising Tide Brewing Company)

Style: Rye American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV From: Portland, ME Brewer’s Note: “Chart a new course with Daymark as your guide. We start with a classic, clean and crisp American pale ale brewed with spicy Columbus and Centennial hops. Then we accent the grain bill with rye grown on small local family farms right here in Maine and malted to our specifications at Valley Malts, … Continue reading Daymark (Rising Tide Brewing Company)

Edward (Hill Farm-stead Brewery)

Style: American Pale Ale 5.2% ABV 85 IBU’s 13.5ºP Malts: Pale and Caramel malt Hops: Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe, and Warrior hops Yeast: House Ale Yeast Growler Filled: 2 Weeks Ago From: Greensboro, VT Brewer’s Note: “Edward (1917-2002) is our grandfather; Hill Farmstead Brewery rests upon the land that was once home to him and his five children.  In his honor, this American Pale Ale … Continue reading Edward (Hill Farm-stead Brewery)

Notch Session Ale (Notch Brewing)

Style: American Session Pale Ale 4.5% ABV Malt: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Rye Hops: Falconers, Mt. Hood, Cascade Yeast: British Ale Bottled on 10/21/12 From: Ipswich, Massachusetts Brewer’s Note: “The American Session Ale. Pale copper color, firm malt body and a dry, hoppy finish. Notch Session Ale is well balanced, but in true American fashion the hop flavor is up front, and finishes dry, which begs … Continue reading Notch Session Ale (Notch Brewing)

MO (Madeline and Oliver) (Maine Beer Company)

Style: American Pale Ale 6% ABV O.G. – 1.053 Malt – American 2-Row, CaraPils, Caramel 40L, Red Wheat Hops – Warrior, Falconer’s Flight, Simcoe Bottled On: 08/12/12   This bottle continues Maine Beer Company’s excellence in bottle labels.  The “MO” font color and the color squares below the name are alright, but they are not my favorite of the MBC’s labels because, in my opinion, … Continue reading MO (Madeline and Oliver) (Maine Beer Company)

Dale’s Pale Ale (Oskar Blues Brewery)

The can is a patriotic blue red and silver with the nice Rocky Mountain layout in the middle.  This is a similar design to the Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale, just without the devilishness.  It’s a cool old school, simplistic design, and I am still very much a fan of both fonts, though I feel like white doesn’t work as well as the main color … Continue reading Dale’s Pale Ale (Oskar Blues Brewery)