2014-2015 Quetsche Tilquin À L’ancienne (Guezerie Tilquin)

6.4% ABV Style: Lambic aged on Plums From: Rebecq-Rognon, Belgium Technical Features: “Beer made from 60% malted barley and 40% wheat; When boiling, only aged hops are used; Natural contamination by the air during cooling; The day after brewing, contaminated wort is brought to blendery and pumpt into oak barrels; Spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels for a period of 1 to 2 years; Fermentation of … Continue reading 2014-2015 Quetsche Tilquin À L’ancienne (Guezerie Tilquin)

Cherry Funk (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Style: American Wild Ale with Cherries 7.5% ABV From: Krebs, Oklahoma Brewery’s Note: “Cherry Funk is a sour ale that has been aged on cherries, and has an ABV of 7.5%. The end results are dry and sour with tart cherry flavor and aroma. Unlike some fruit beers that are syrupy and sweet, Cherry Funk is complex and on point with Prairie’s farmhouse point of … Continue reading Cherry Funk (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Nebiulin-a (LoverBeer)

Style: Italian Gueuze with Nebbiolo Grapes 8.0% ABV Brewed in: 2013 From: Torino, Italy Distributer’s Note: “Loverbeer’s tribute to a Gueuze, a 3 year blend of their Biere du Lambic (2009, 2010, 2011) along with the addition of 2012 Nebbiolo grapes that were used for Barolo wine. Biere du Lambic is their base for Beerbrugna without the plums.” Brewery’s Note: “This beer is fermented with … Continue reading Nebiulin-a (LoverBeer)

Allagash Coolship Red (Allagash Brewing Company)

Style: American Maine Framboise 5.7% ABV A is spontaneous beer aged with raspberries Brewer’s Note: “In the summer of 2008, we decided to build a coolship at our brewery. A coolship is a large shallow pan used to cool wort overnight using outside air temperature. During the cooling process, naturally occurring yeast from the air inoculates the wort. In the morning, the cooled wort is … Continue reading Allagash Coolship Red (Allagash Brewing Company)

 St. Louis Kriek Premium Lambic (Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck)

Style: Lambic – Kriek 4.0% ABV OG: 6° From: Ingelmunster, Belgium Brewer’s Note: “For 6 months the flesh of the fresh sour cherries slowly digests in the Lambic. The intense flavour of cherries and light nuances of almond from the pits determine the flavour of this fruity delicacy.” The beer’s label has a slight, mass produced look to it.  The St. Louis logo is cool … Continue reading  St. Louis Kriek Premium Lambic (Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck)

Framboise Lambic (Brouwerij Lindemans)

         The bottle is large and wine-like, but its green coloring and the cool company logo on the neck give it a nice classic feel.  The label seems like it is trying to be an old-timey logo from the late 19th century, except something feels off about it.  Overall I feel the bottle is mediocre at best.  Yes it looks sort of … Continue reading Framboise Lambic (Brouwerij Lindemans)