Panil Divina (Birrificio Torrechiara)

Style: Italian Spontaneous Fermentation Wild Ale 6.5% ABV From: Torrechiara, IT Brewery’s Notes: “Divina is spontaneously fermented by natural yeasts collected in the open air under the full moon and later in the cellar. After fermentation, the beer is aged in French oak barrels. A second fermentation in the bottle gives it an intense vinous aroma and hints of exotic fruit and sour delicate notes … Continue reading Panil Divina (Birrificio Torrechiara)

Oude Lambiek (Geuzestekerij De Cam)

Style: 3 Year Old Unblended Lambic 5.0% ABV Bottled In: 2012 From: Gooik, Belgium Distributor’s Note: “One of Belgium’s most sought after Lambics! Karel Goddeau is the Master Blender at the Geuzestekkerij De Cam in Gooik, the pearl of Payottenland in Flemish Brabant. De Cam occupies a barn on the grounds of a museum of folk life in Gooik in the heart of Lambic country. It … Continue reading Oude Lambiek (Geuzestekerij De Cam)

Nebiulin-a (LoverBeer)

Style: Italian Gueuze with Nebbiolo Grapes 8.0% ABV Brewed in: 2013 From: Torino, Italy Distributer’s Note: “Loverbeer’s tribute to a Gueuze, a 3 year blend of their Biere du Lambic (2009, 2010, 2011) along with the addition of 2012 Nebbiolo grapes that were used for Barolo wine. Biere du Lambic is their base for Beerbrugna without the plums.” Brewery’s Note: “This beer is fermented with … Continue reading Nebiulin-a (LoverBeer)

Coolship Resurgam (Allagash Brewing Company)

Style: Blended Spontaneous Fermented Beer/ American Gueuze 6.0% ABV From: Portland, ME Brewer’s Note: “In the summer of 2008, we decided to build a coolship at our brewery. A coolship is a large shallow pan used to cool wort overnight using outside air temperature. During the cooling process, naturally occurring yeast from the air inoculates the wort. In the morning, the cooled wort is transferred … Continue reading Coolship Resurgam (Allagash Brewing Company)

Oude Gueuze Tilquin à L’Ancienne (Gueuzerie Tilquin)

Style: Gueuze 6.0% ABV From: Rebecq, Belgium Brewer’s Notes: “Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l’Ancienne (6.0% alc/vol) is a spontaneous fermentation beer, produced from the blending of 1, 2 and 3 years old lambics. It is unfiltered and unpasteurized, and refermented in the bottle for at least 6 months. The lambics used were fermented and oak aged in our installations. These lambics are coming from worts … Continue reading Oude Gueuze Tilquin à L’Ancienne (Gueuzerie Tilquin)

Gueuze Giradin 1882 (Black Label) (Brouwerij Girardin)

Style: Gueuze 5% ABV Malt: Raw Wheat, Malt (Unspecified variety) Hops: 2-3 Years Old (Unspecified variety) Bottled in: 2013 From: Dilbeek-St Ulriks Kapelle, Belgium The beer’s label is an old-timey Belgian label.  It has some nice barrels that are surrounded/wreathed in hop vines, and other than that it has a lot of basic text and a lot of clutter around the edges of the bottle.  … Continue reading Gueuze Giradin 1882 (Black Label) (Brouwerij Girardin)

Lindemans Faro Lambic (Brouwerij Lindmans)

Style: Faro 4.20% ABV Brewer’s Note: “A version of Belgium’s “wild-fermented” wheat beer, which is the result of blending Lambic of “one summer” with old Lambic and chaptalized with candy sugar./ Faro is an intriguing balance of wineyness and sweetness. This was probably the beer being served in Breugel’s paintings of Flemish Village Life.” I actually love the black and white coloring of this label, … Continue reading Lindemans Faro Lambic (Brouwerij Lindmans)

St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition (Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V.)

Style: Gueuze 5.0% ABV Brewer’s Note: “Golden-blond, unfiltered, unsweetened. An extremely pure beer with a long history. A humble nose with a lot of fruit, dominated by young sour apples. An extremely dry aftertaste, which immediately demands another sip. A delicious thirst-quencher that reminds you of its history with every sip.” The bottle’s label is classy, as all gueuze labels must be, but it has … Continue reading St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition (Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V.)

Oude Geuze Boon (Brouwerij Boon)

Style: Gueuze 7% ABV 90% eighteen month-old lambic, 5% three year old lambic, 5% very young lambic Brewer’s Note: “Oude Geuze Boon is a monument of taste and has an alcohol volume of 7%. It consists of 90% lambic at the tender age of 18 months, 5% beer of  3 years, and 5% very young lambic, which provides fermentable sugars and viable yeasts. All our beers are … Continue reading Oude Geuze Boon (Brouwerij Boon)

Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René (Brouwerij Lindemans)

Style: Gueuze 5.0% ABV Brewer’s Notes: “Refermented in the bottle, and improves with age.  By mixing 2/3 young Lambic with third old lambic and this mixture to ferment in the bottle.” The bottle has an old timey, 1920’s feel to it, which is nice for the gueuze style.  I love the stylized border that surrounds all of the writing.  Some of the fonts are a … Continue reading Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René (Brouwerij Lindemans)