Hell Yes! (Moat Mountain Brewing Company)

Style: Helles Lager 4.7% ABV   The beer pours a clean, crisp yellow, like dehydrated piss. A big, billowy head of eggshell white bubbles forms above the glass and mellows to a finger’s width above the glass. In body, the beer is crystal clear and translucent, giving a full image of the other side of the glass. On the nose, the beer smells of crisp, … Continue reading Hell Yes! (Moat Mountain Brewing Company)

Czech-Style Pilsner Lager (Moat Mountain Brewing Company)

Style: Czech Pilsner 4.9 % ABV Brewery’s Note: “A European-style pilsner. Dry hopping produces a bouquet of aromas from the addition of traditional noble hops. This beer has a bigger malt profile than the average American Pilsner. It has medium hop bitterness and a clean floral finish.” The beer pours a pale, regal yellow, as is proper for a pilsner. It forms a head of … Continue reading Czech-Style Pilsner Lager (Moat Mountain Brewing Company)

Tarnation California-Style Lager (Baxter Brewing Company)

Style: California Common/Steam Beer 5.3% ABV From: Lewiston, ME Brewery’s Note: “Brewed in a style born in 19th-century California, Tarnation is Baxter Brewing’s first lager. American crystal malts provide light toast and caramel notes along with the beer’s rich amber hue, while Munich malt supplies Tarnation’s malty body. The complex malt notes balance the ample bitterness of American Northern Brewer hops (the signature hop for this style) giving … Continue reading Tarnation California-Style Lager (Baxter Brewing Company)

Cascadian Schwarzbier (Jack’s Abby Brewing)

Style: Hoppy Schwarzbier 7.0% ABV 70 IBU’s OG: 16.5 Plato From: Framingham, MA The beer pours a deep, chocolaty brown with a massive head of creamy, sand colored bubbles. The head sits two finger’s widths above the glass with a nice lasting retention and a puzzle grid of thin lacing. On the nose, the beer smells delicately of roasted coffee beans and damp pine forests. … Continue reading Cascadian Schwarzbier (Jack’s Abby Brewing)

Fresh Cut (Peak Organic Brewing Company)

Style: American Pilsner 4.6% ABV From: Portland, ME Brewer’s Note: “Fresh Cut is a dry-hopped pilsner. Chinook, Citra and Centennial hops provide aromas of citrus, grass and spice. Though the front palate is loud with IPA qualities, the finish is distinctly pilsner- crisp, dry and extremely refreshing. Enjoy!” The beers label is crisp and eye catching. I like the burst of color for the font. … Continue reading Fresh Cut (Peak Organic Brewing Company)

Klara (Idle Hands Brewing Company)

Style: Dortmunder Export Lager 5.5% ABV From: Everett, MA Brewer’s Note: “A crisp, German style lager with malt depth and noble hop character.” The beer’s label is simple but pretty. I love ‘hand-filled-in’ font for the beer’s title, and the hand written take of the rest of the info is really nice. Unfortunately, the rest of the hand written fonts don’t quite match up with … Continue reading Klara (Idle Hands Brewing Company)

Pivo Pils (Firestone Walker Brewing Company)

Style: Hoppy Pilsner 5.3% ABV 40 IBU’s 4 SRM Hops: Magnum, Spalter, Saphir Brewer’s Note: “Everything we love about classic German Pilsner with a hoppy Bohemian twist.  Pils is a bright straw colored lager beer with playful carbonation topped with beautiful white foam lace.  Delicate lightly toasted malt flavors underscore noble German hop character.  Hallertau-grown Magnum hops deliver the lupulin foundation while generous amounts of Spalter … Continue reading Pivo Pils (Firestone Walker Brewing Company)