Fourthmeal (The Bruery & Maine Beer Company)

Style: Hoppy Belgian Pale Ale 6.9% ABV 60 IBU’s SRM: 7 From: Placentia, CA Brewery’s Note: “The Bruery and Maine Beer Company got together and cooked up something special for you: fourthmeal. It isn’t brunch; it isn’t “linner.” It’s a hoppy Belgian-style ale that brings aspects of both breweries to the table: fruity, Belgian yeast esters, a crisp, bready backbone, citrus and piney hop characteristics, … Continue reading Fourthmeal (The Bruery & Maine Beer Company)

Hop Savant: Galaxy (Crooked Stave Artisanal Beer Project)

Style India Pale Brett 7.0% ABV October 2015 From: Denver, Co Brewery’s Note: “Primary fermented with Crooked Stave’s mixed culture of Brettanomyces yeast and then received over three pounds per barrel of Galaxy hops, a varietal known for its distinct citrus aroma and stone fruit characters.” The beer pours a pale, greenish yellow-orange. It pours with a smooth, creamy head of off-white bubbles that dwindle … Continue reading Hop Savant: Galaxy (Crooked Stave Artisanal Beer Project)

The IPA (Building 8 Brewing)

Style: American India Pale Ale 6.5% ABV 70 IBU’s From: North Hampton, MA Note on the Beer from an Interview with Draft Magazine: “They say a writer should write about what they know. So really, we’re brewing what we like to drink and we really wanted to get something that was tropical and citrusy up front with a piney, dank baseline to it and a … Continue reading The IPA (Building 8 Brewing)

Epiphyte (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Style: Double India Pale Ale 8.0% ABV From: Newmarket, NH Brewery’s Notes: “Our 8.0%abv interpretation of a double IPA. Brewed with no Citra, no Mosaic, no Galaxy, no Azacca, and no Simcoe.” I like how I have to look up the definitions of Deciduous’ names. Learning and beer should go together more often. This lovely little ale pours out the color of oranging bronze. It is … Continue reading Epiphyte (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Freak of Nature (Wicked Weed Brewing Company)

Style: West Coast Double India Pale Ale 8.5% ABV 100 IBU’s (?) Bottled on: 8/13/15 From: Asheville, NC Brewery’s Note: “n. An unusual unexpected natural phenomenon. 2. An Outlying, west coast-style double India Pale Ale brewed with an abnormally large quantity of hops. 3. A delicately crafted and crushable ale designed for fresh and immediate consumption. 4. A hophead’s vice or downfall. Ex: Though warned … Continue reading Freak of Nature (Wicked Weed Brewing Company)

Mosaic IPA (Lost Nation Brewing Company)

Mosaic IPA (Lost Nation Brewing Company) Style: India Pale Ale 5.5% ABV 65IBU’s From: Morrisville, VT Brewery’s Note: “Our single hop IPA is brewed and dry hopped with Mosaic hops. Clean and crisp with an incredible balance between juicy fruit flavors and hop bitterness.” The beer pours out a murky copper with a fluffy, slightly-off-white head of bubbles that leave a nice, sheeted cling of … Continue reading Mosaic IPA (Lost Nation Brewing Company)

Fleur Sauvage (Brouwerij De Dochter van de Korenaar)

Style: Barrel-Aged Belgian IPA/Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale 6.0% ABV Imported by 12% Importer From: Baarle-Hertog, Belgium Brewery’s Note: “Barrel-aged Belle Fleur I.P.A. (13 months) impossible combination of sour, sweet and bitter.” Information on this beer is scant. The brewer’s website doesn’t even note that it exists, and all anyone really knows is that it’s their Belle Fleur IPA aged in barrels. Do we know what kind … Continue reading Fleur Sauvage (Brouwerij De Dochter van de Korenaar)

Smuttlabs Shebang (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Double India Pale Ale/Triple India Pale Ale 10.5% ABV From: Hampton, NH Brewery’s Note: “Shebang (triple IPA, 10.5%) goes further than Big A; featuring a lupulin cornucopia! Bravo and Zeus were used in the boil additions, while dry hopping is a blend of Summit, Pacific Gem and Falconer’s Flight.  For perspective, Shebang uses about 6 pounds of hops per barrel, while Finestkind is brewed with just … Continue reading Smuttlabs Shebang (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Le Freak (Green Flash Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Double IPA/ American Tripel 9.2% ABV 101 IBU’s Brewery’s Note: “Le Freak is the first-ever hybrid ale of its kind: the convergence of a Belgian-Style Trippel with an American Imperial IPA. Spawned over barstool pontifications between Publican and Brewmaster, this zesty Amarillo dry-hopped, bottle-conditioned marvel entices with fruity Belgian yeast aromatics and a firm, dry finish. Experience a legendary beer phenomenon.” The beer … Continue reading Le Freak (Green Flash Brewing Company)

Smuttlabs White IPA (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: White IPA (Hybrid: Belgian Wit with IPA level hops) 4.5% ABV Price: $$ From: Seacoast, NH Availability: Limited (Mostly in NH and select accounts in the North East) Brewery’s Note: “A White IPA brewed with witbier yeast, coriander, two types of orange peel and lots of Citra hops.” The beer pours a pale and oranging yellow, sort of like dehydrated piss. The beer pours … Continue reading Smuttlabs White IPA (Smuttynose Brewing Company)