Angelica Rosa (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit Saison 5.6% ABV Brewery’s Note: “A rooty, earthy take on the beloved French style featuring angelica root and rose hips.” The beer pours a dirty yellow gold. A head forms above the beer and then immediately leaves, sort of like a soda’s head. In body, the beer has a murkiness to it, but is translucent and clean of particles. On the nose, the beer … Continue reading Angelica Rosa (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit 4.8% ABV Brewed with: Chaga, Honey, Black Locust Blossoms Brewer’s Note: “CHAGALOC is a challenging gruit, with chaga and black locust blossoms. Tart, sour even, but “refreshing like an Arnold Palmer” sez Ryan. Dang tasty is all!” The beer pours a ruddy, caramelized yellow with orange tints.  The beer pours with a soapy head that immediately fades away to nothing, though the … Continue reading Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Heather Ale (Cambridge Brewing Company)

Style: American Gruit brewed with Heather Flowers 5% ABV OG: 1.048 FG: 1.010 Malt: Scottish floor-malted barley Boil: fresh harvested Heather Flowers, Sweet Gale, Lavender Conditioning: fresh Heather, Yarrow Bottled on: August 2012 Batch #1 Brewer’s Notes: “From out of the darkness of pre-recorded history, Heather Ale is an altogether unique brew. Originally crafted by the inhabitants of coastal Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Northern … Continue reading Heather Ale (Cambridge Brewing Company)