Angelica Rosa (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit Saison 5.6% ABV Brewery’s Note: “A rooty, earthy take on the beloved French style featuring angelica root and rose hips.” The beer pours a dirty yellow gold. A head forms above the beer and then immediately leaves, sort of like a soda’s head. In body, the beer has a murkiness to it, but is translucent and clean of particles. On the nose, the beer … Continue reading Angelica Rosa (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit 4.8% ABV Brewed with: Chaga, Honey, Black Locust Blossoms Brewer’s Note: “CHAGALOC is a challenging gruit, with chaga and black locust blossoms. Tart, sour even, but “refreshing like an Arnold Palmer” sez Ryan. Dang tasty is all!” The beer pours a ruddy, caramelized yellow with orange tints.  The beer pours with a soapy head that immediately fades away to nothing, though the … Continue reading Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Posca Rustica (Brasserie Dupont)

Style: Farmhouse Gruit 8.0% ABV Brewer’s Note: “The year is 63 A.D. at a Roman encampment near the present-day Belgian town of Bilcqy.  Nervium Flavius, a Roman soldier recently posted to Gaul, is thirsty.  He approaches Eburane, the young woman in the encampment’s popina. He demands his posca, fully expecting to get the sour wine drink loved by all legionnaires.  Eburane says she has no … Continue reading Posca Rustica (Brasserie Dupont)

Heather Ale (Cambridge Brewing Company)

Style: American Gruit brewed with Heather Flowers 5% ABV OG: 1.048 FG: 1.010 Malt: Scottish floor-malted barley Boil: fresh harvested Heather Flowers, Sweet Gale, Lavender Conditioning: fresh Heather, Yarrow Bottled on: August 2012 Batch #1 Brewer’s Notes: “From out of the darkness of pre-recorded history, Heather Ale is an altogether unique brew. Originally crafted by the inhabitants of coastal Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Northern … Continue reading Heather Ale (Cambridge Brewing Company)

Love Potion #9

Style: Blush Gruit brewed with yohimbe bark and muira puama (two aphrodisiacs) 6% ABV This beer is brewed with yohimbe bark and muira puama, which are two aphrodisiacs according to one of the brewers, Alex McDonald.  I decided to try out my new weizen glass with the gruit, to see if it might re-suspend some of the herbs within the beer.  It pours a dark hazy … Continue reading Love Potion #9

Exhilaration (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit brewed with Sweet Gale, Yarrow and Wild Rosemary 5.6% ABV For those wondering, Earth Eagle is what some Native Americans referred to the common wild turkey as.  In honor of turkey day and local breweries, I figured I might as well crack open another wonder gruit from Earth Eagle Brewings and give it a try.  For those wondering, the reason I have … Continue reading Exhilaration (Earth Eagle Brewings)

William Wallace (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: Scottish Gruit brewed with Sweet Juniper Berries and Heather Flowers/Tips 5.5% ABV The beer pours like murky swamp water, a gross yellowed brown, almost like cider.  A light white head forms and fizzes away, leaving a slight head/scrim behind.  The body is, as I have already said, murky and indiscernible.  Honestly, if this weren’t a gruit I would say it was an ugly beer, … Continue reading William Wallace (Earth Eagle Brewings)