Wigglesworth Traditional Ale Series: Welkin Ringer (Mystic Brewery)

Style: Extra Special Bitters 5.8% ABV From: Chelsey, MA The beer’s label is sleek and spophistcated.  It is also exactly the same as the other Wigglseworth beer and as such I will just say that I like it, though it is a little cluttered and I would like some text on this unique beer instead of just about the series.  The beer pours a rich, caramel … Continue reading Wigglesworth Traditional Ale Series: Welkin Ringer (Mystic Brewery)

English ESB Ale (The Portsmouth Brewery)

Style: Extra Special Bitters (ESB) 6.0% ABV Brewer’s Note: “Our ESB is a bolder, hoppier pale ale.” The beer’s label is the Portsmouth Brewery’s label, which is nice and quirky.  The labels coloring is eye catching and the fonts, while a little mundane, are interesting enough to catch the eye.  My biggest complaint with the labels is the background color, which is a pale tan … Continue reading English ESB Ale (The Portsmouth Brewery)

Old Thumper (Shipyard Brewing Company)

Style: Extra Special Bitter 5.6% ABV   I love the boar theme of this bottle.  The boar head on the main label and the cap, and the running boar on the neck are all great touches that give the beer a hunting-feel.  The fonts are a little cluttered but are all great font choices, and the color scheme of the beer with red blue, gold, … Continue reading Old Thumper (Shipyard Brewing Company)

HobGoblin (Wychwood Brewery)

Bottle:  This bottle is excellent. A slightly unique shape with elegent curves and a fattened head at the end of the neck.  The witches on the bottle add a nice touch.  And the name of the beer along with its fairytale-like art and design are  and the slightly old-timey/Brothers Grimm color choices are awesome.  I’m a sucker for a good storytelling design, and this bottle … Continue reading HobGoblin (Wychwood Brewery)