Smuttlabs Durtáy (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: India Brown Ale aged in Rum Barrels 12.7% ABV Barrel Type: Berkshire Distilling Rum From: Portsmouth, NH Brewery’s Note: “Durtay (12.7% abv), is a Berkshire Mountain Distilling rum barrel-aged variant of Durty… This beer is part of a Berkshire Mountain project that sent used spirit barrels out to breweries who would then age a beer in that barrel. When the beer was packaged, the barrel would go … Continue reading Smuttlabs Durtáy (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

2014 Slumbrew Yankee Swap (Somerville Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Stout aged in Turkey Shore Rum Barrels 12% ABV 68 IBU’s *Beer Aged for One Year in my cellar* From: Brewer based in Somerville, MA but beer brewed in Ipswich, MA Brewery’s Note: “This 2014 imperial stout is the SECOND EDITION in our Yankee Swap series. It’s aged in Turkey Shore Distilleries rum barrels to create a unique flavor profile that continues to … Continue reading 2014 Slumbrew Yankee Swap (Somerville Brewing Company)

Neddles (Allagash Brewing Company)

Style: American Sour Brown aged in Rum Barrels 10.5 % ABV Brewery’s Note: “Sour Brown aged sour with Lactic acid bacteria in Stainless steel for 8 months. Then it was transferred to rum barrels for an additional 6-8 months./ Neddles is a sour brown aged in rum barrels from Ned’s new venture, New England Distilling. Dark amber in color with an aroma of green apple … Continue reading Neddles (Allagash Brewing Company)

Rubbel (Trillium Brewing Company)

Style: Rum Barrel Aged Dubbel 8.0% ABV Learn more about Medford Rum here. From: Boston, MA Brewery’s Note: “A GrandTen Distilling Medford Rum barrel aged Belgian Dubbel” The beer pours a paler, muddled amber, sitting in the glass almost the color of a gemstone, with a middle sized head of creamy, golden yellow bubbles that leave nice roadways of thin lacing when the head leaves the sides … Continue reading Rubbel (Trillium Brewing Company)