Of Sub-Par Festivals

My girlfriend and I had the misfortune of attending Granite State on Tap last weekend. The festival is part of the America on Tap festival company, which puts on “Authentic Festivals,” as its logo’s tag line… Which is the easiest way to say “We actually are not authentic, or there are obviously people that question our authenticity, but we are, we swear. It’s in our … Continue reading Of Sub-Par Festivals

The Session #86: Beer Journalism  

I’ve finally decided to take a stab at The Session. For those that don’t know, the Session is a monthly question posed to beer bloggers across the interwebs. The question can be about nearly anything in the beer world, and the question can be suggested by nearly anyone. This month’s question was put to the web by Heather Vandenengel of Beer Hobo, and poses the … Continue reading The Session #86: Beer Journalism  

The Myth of the Florida Weisse and Draft Magazine

Draft Magazine online is one of my favorite ways to keep up with the beer world. I check into the website at least once a day to see what new content they have, and usually there is always something new for me to read and find interest in. I say this because I’m a little disappointed with their beer journalism in regards to an article … Continue reading The Myth of the Florida Weisse and Draft Magazine

A Question of Glassware

Which glass fits best? I am constantly asking myself this question, and I am constantly finding new answers. Admittedly, I have a problem with glassware. I’m a hoarder. I love new glassware, and I have far too much of it. As such, it’s always difficult to choose which glass to choose. To remedy this, I decided to pour my most recent beer (Boulevard’s Imperial Stout … Continue reading A Question of Glassware