Welcome. Chances are you read a review on this here blog, and are now wondering “Who the hell is this fella/gal, and what gives them the right to talk about beer?” The simple answer is that I am a guy. In more depth, I am no one, and I have no right to talk about beer. Sure, I had a brief stint working in the industry for the fine folks at Smuttynose Brewing Company, but that’s passed me now, and while I did take part in the brewery’s efforts to train their employees about off-flavors, tasting, etc… I don’t quite remember most of it. I remember Isoamyl acetate, though, so you may hear me spew that occasionally to try and sound smart… Really, I am just someone that likes drinking beer, and I like writing. My journey into craft beer practically began with this blog, and as such, most of my older reviews are rubbish and horseshit (not to mention most of my more recent ones, too). But they are a part of my journey, so I like them. This blog has evolved as I’ve furthered my journey, taking on place and event reviews, dabbling into cider and mead contemplation (which I have even less qualification for…) and housing my opinionated ruminations about this funky little world we call beer. If you enjoy it, leave me a message. I might reply and I might not… Honestly, it just depends. If you don’t like what I say, let me know. Arguments are always fun on the internet.

At some point soon I hope to expand here on just how I go about rating my beers, what I look for, and why I think it’s important, but for the time being, this is all I will give you. Enjoy it. Cheers and Beers.


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    1. Ballantine IPA is also being re-brewed by Pabst, but that is not the only ‘re-brew’ or cloning of the recipe that hit the market in the last few years. Last year, Smuttynose Brewing Company, in collaboration with Stone Brewing Company brewed a collaboration beer that was said to be “based off of the old Ballantine IPA recipe,” and this year they again brewed that beer. (That is Cluster’s Last Stand which is what I reviewed). It is assumed that Stone and Smutty tweaked the recipe slightly to make it more compliant with modern brewing practices, etc… though I am unsure of the specifics. Pabst just recently (i.e. this year) announced its intention to bring back the Ballantine IPA, presumably as an exact replica of how the beer was originally brewed (Pabst owns the rights to the old Ballantine recipes, etc…) although it is, again, assumed that some modifications will be made to the malt bill, hop varietals, etc… seeing as how the brewing landscape has changed since Ballantine IPA was last brewed and some ingredients may no longer be available. Both the Pabst and the Smutty/Stone brews are approximations of what the old Ballantine brew was. The variance in the two beers is actually an interesting look into the history of beer, and in to the interpretation of history when it comes to historic recipes. I did have the pleasure of trying both beers side by side recently, and I find that the Smutty/Stone brew is of a higher alcohol percentage and a bit more expressive in flavor, which may not be historically accurate but is nice to drink.


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