Cab Barrel Aged Albricot (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Style: Fruited pLambic Aged In Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels

4.9% ABV

From: Newmarket, NH

Brewery’s Note: “Our interpretation of a 4.9% abv pLamic (pure culture) aged on apricots. This version was fruited heaviest of all, then aged in Estate Cabernet (American oak) barrels from Korbin Kameron wines before undertaking even more apricots before bottling.”

[So… apparently, my glass wasn’t clean. Went through the same cleansing process I always do, but hey, sometimes you fuck up. With that in mind, my appearance review is kinda moot, and keep the uncleanliness in mind for everything else. I’ll talk a little about color though.]

It’s orange, perhaps a tad rosier than other Albricotian-variants. Clear, clean and nice. It’s a cup of beauty. On the nose, the beer smells of rounded fruit that opens slowly into juicy wonderfulness. Apricot gets a woody, vanilla accent that almost gives it a rich, fruit cake turn, while the slight chalky acidity adds an almost-bitter variant. It’s not the juice bomb of O.G. Albricot, but the complexity is stepped up. A minerally wash builds as it warms, melded with a fresh fruit skin scent that seems to take on a little bit of tea-ish bitters. It is a lovely, stately smelling beer. On the tongue, the beer tastes citric tart upfront, but that is smoothed in a wash of apricot juice and slight lactic acidity that builds with the citrus. The finish blends tea-ish bitters with oak tannin, slight barrel vanilla, and minerally skin with all the nuances of apricot fruit. It’s more delicate that the O.G., but like the smell, the complexity is stepped up, with lovely barrel accent that lasts into the aftertaste. In the mouth, the beer feels a touch heavier than other variants, sitting in the medium bandwidth, with a slicker, slight-chewiness, and a lovely structure coming from the barrel. Carb is middling and paired with the acidity, the beer becomes bright and refreshing, while still carrying some heavier complexity and nuance. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left with a thicker spittle, nearly phlegmy, which coats the tongue in a weighty film while the rest of the mouth tingles with fresh fruit and bitters. Overall, this is yet another beautiful beer, stepping up the complexity of Deciduous’s pLambics with beautiful barrel touches. I’m a Deciduous fan boy, and this is one of their better ones. In comparison to the O.G. Albricot, this is really a different beer, so it’s harder to compare. Where the original was a juice bomb, this beer is layered, complex, barreled, and really lovely. They are both excellent, and live on similar levels. You should try them both!

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