Biere Sauvage Saison Reserve (Brasserie Dunham)

Style: Saison blended with an ale brewed with Tea and Guava aged in Pinot Noir Barrels

6.5% ABV

From: Dunham, Quebec

Brewery’s Note: “A blend of our Saison Rustique (82%) and Leo’s Early Breakfast IPA (18%) patiently aged in oak barrels with a single yeast flora . The result is a complex beer, dry, floral bouquet, fruity and rustic. Special brew 2nd Birthday.”

The beer gushes from the bottle as soon as the cap cracks, hissing lovely liquid all over the table. The beer pours out a brilliant, orange with a sunburst yellow hue. The hissing head of rocky white bubbles that forms leaves a lovely cling of rocky, thinner lacing in frothy waves across the glass while it dwindles to a thin scrim with fat sides. The beer’s body is clear and clean, yet quite solid in color, and nearly opaque. On the nose, the beer smells of deep, juicy citrus. There is minerally pool water like a good HF Farmstead Ale ©, grapefruit juice full of pulp and pith, and a little bit of pineapple juice with a touch of mango. Its fruit juice like a hoppy wild ale, but it has a great kiss of citrus hops, lemongrass, and a lingering layer of gritty herbs, chives, dirt, bretta fungal/citrus burst, and a touch of perfume. I could spend hours in the nose. Citrus juice with citrus hops and a touch of the earthier stuff, and below it is lovely citrus bretta… Enough about the nose. On the tongue, the beer is fresh with citrus juice acidity that features splashes of citrus sweetness that slowly burrows into fresh bitterness turning piney and citrus bitter with pith and a great tannic bite and structure at the finish of the beer. There is an earthy touch in the finish and aftertaste of briny salt. Guava juice and bitter tea, then bitter hops, then a touch of watered down orange juice, bitter herbs, pine, a touch of resin, and even some fungal cheese rind. It tastes like citrus juice that moves to bitter the hoppy finish of an IPA, save for a final bretta fungal flourish and barrel dryness. This tastes lovely and is hugely dry on the finish. Funky barrel-aged American IPA. In the mouth, the beer feels medium bodied, crisp with a middling carb, a snap, and a metallic crispness. It finishes dry, dry, dry, and astringent with a quenching snap on the tongue with a sticky saliva all over the tongue and pouring over the mouth. Overall, the beer is beautifully fresh, complex, juicy, yet nuanced and balanced, subtle yet full throttle in flavor. I’ve been hearing lots of things about Dunham, and I am supremely happy to finally get a chance to try them. They lived up to the hype. Great farmhouse character, great balance, great American hop character, and supremely balanced between such heavy flavors as barrel aged wild ales and American IPA’s. I like this beer.


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