Disco Pig #4: Lime Maguey (Black Hog Brewing Company)

Style: Brett Lime Saison

6.5% ABV

Hops: Lemon Drop

Other: Lime

Bottled On 07/06/15

Bottle#717 of744

From: Oxford, CT

Brewery’s Note: “Lime Maguey – Saison made with Brett, Lime Peel, Lime Juice, and Lemon Drop Hops”


The beer pours a murky orange, like pulpy orange juice blended with water. It forms a good sized head of pebble-like, white bubbles that form a mountain scape of tight knit, sudsy lacing that stands fat and a little frothy on the glass. When swirled, the wave of lacing is uniform around the glass, but swift and quick without cling. The body of the beer carries several floaters, and some definite cloudiness from the floating debris. It’s not opaque, the matter floating in this beer makes it seem that way. On the nose, the initial whiff is reminiscent of Brother Soigne, with tart lime juice mixing with grassy barnyard and a touch of pool water. On further sniffs, the Soigne falls away as Sprite pops more in the nose along with candied limes, and a touch of those lemon lollipops they give you at the bank. There is a bretta musk below that, though it is definitely second fiddle to the juice and peel. It is a little pineapple, a little cheese rind, and maybe a touch of horse blanket. The nose is nice and citrus forward, and it blends the bretta funk in well, reminding me of Grassroots’ farmhouse offerings, especially Soigne. To be clear, this is not Soigne, but it is reminiscent of that. The candied lime and lemon is a little more heavy handed here, and the subtle grain, funk, and minerality of Soigne. There is some minerality to Lime Maguey’s nose, but it is very slight with the sweet lime character. There is also just a brief spat of fusel alcohol on the end that seems off with the rest, but only comes out when you really dig in and smell. On the tongue, the beer tastes slightly tart, and citrus sweet with a balancing pith and peel bitterness. The sweetness begins and is quickly cut with the light acidity and bitterness, and all three tango through the rest of the sip. There are touches of lime-aide, creamy wheat, herbal bitters, a kiss of pine, and then a touch of grass. There is a bit of sweeter juiciness too, somewhere in the tropical fruit range and sitting between pineapple and mango with a little banana added in. In the mouth, the beer is medium bodied, with some mild carbonation that provides a good scrub. It’s a touch effervescent, crisper, yet heavier and smooth with the floating bits of the beer really oozing over the tongue. When the beer leaves, the mouth is pouring spittle on to the middle of the tongue while the fringes of the tongue and mouth pucker slightly, and a sticky bitterness settles over everything. It is drinkable, but not crushable as the creaminess adds a weight that is most felt as the beer hits the stomach. Overall, this is an interesting and fresh beer. I really like the nose, especially for its similarity to Brother Soigne, but the flavor is nowhere close, and carries none of the gentle tartness and minerality that Soigne thrives on. I’m impressed with their attempt at this beer, but they didn’t quite stick the landing. It is interesting and carries some nice flourishes, but the overall flavor clashes a little. I got more of a nice hop bite as I drank, which was great, but the lime drops off as a result, which is the whole point of beer… Still, this does not show any obvious flaws and is nicely balanced despite its many ingredients, which speaks to the skill of the brewer. I’m excited to crack a couple more of these Disco Pigs to see what they have to offer.


[I can’t find any more photos of this beer… My apologies. I swear I took them.]


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