Funky Gold Amarillo (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Style: Dry-Hopped Wild Ale

7.5% ABVs

18 IBU’s

Brewery’s Notes: “Funky Gold Amarillo is the second beer in our dry-hopped sour ale series. We took our sour golden ale, Gold, and gave it a heavy dosing of Amarillo hops. The result is a beer that is a mix of tropical fruit and Prairie funk. Notes of peach, orange, white wine, and citrusy brett can be found in the flavor and aroma.”

The beer pours a pale, chalky yellow, similar to Funky Gold Mosaic… probably because it is the exact same beer with different hops… The beer pours with a very aggressive, huge head of sudsy, eggshell-white bubbles that hiss and snap like Rice Crispies© as the head slowly winnows and wains into a smooth, yet varied terrain of dips and dives. The beer leaves fluffy, soap bubble tufts of lacing on the sides of the glass as it dwindles away. It’s a cloudy haze in body. On the nose, the beer smells in line with Mosaic, only with a tingle that seems reminiscent of Amorous (perhaps from the Amarillo hops?…). There is a fresher, greener scent than from previous hoppy sours. It mixes fresh cut grass (without the bitter, herbal takes) along with slight mint, arugula, a faint touch of sweet cider, some danker substances, and sweet grapefruit juice layering everything in a citric twist. I’m loving the danker integrations into the fresh citrus. There is a touch of pith, pulp, and lovely grapefruit juice along in the mix of it. On the tongue, the beer tastes softly tart with citric acid, lined with a grapefruit sweetness that builds in the middle and into the finish. Subtle bitter pine mixes with earthier arugula, herbal mint, and a touch of generic ‘vegetation,’ too. The finish is a lemon popsicle, sweet and citric tart, yet balanced and refreshing, landing much more on the ‘juice’ side of the spectrum (rather than the ‘beer’ side). There is a touch of pool water towards the beginning and on the finish, reminiscent of the HF quality that I enjoy. In the mouth, the beer is lighter and effervescent, but with enough weight to sit comfortably in its weight-class. It’s a little frothy, snappy, and fresh on the sip, though fuller as it settles onto the mouth and on the stomach. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left slick, yet gently taught and sticky/resiny in a lip smacking way. Overall, this is another lovely hoppy wild ale. Citric funk mixes so nicely with American hops, and Amarillo is no different. I appreciated the more vegetal and earthier turns that this beer took, as they added a lovely bit of complexity to the sip. This is more complex fruit juice. Great stuff.


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