Brett C (Prairie Artisan Ales)

Style: Wild Farmhouse Ale/Saison brewed with Sea Salt

8.1% ABV

From: Krebs, OK

Brewery Note: “A farmhouse ale brewed with cascade and citra hops, and a touch of sea salt. Conditioned with brettanomyces claussenii.”

The beer pours a pale, fizzle-piss-water yellow (like a cloudy Budlight?) with a huge head of creamy white pebble-bubbles, which last nicely, and leave a patchy puffing of frothy lacing to cling to the edges of the glass as it dwindles. In the body of this beer, everything is damn near opaque, with a deep and chalky cloudiness that occasionally gives the beer a green tint. On the nose, the beer smells remarkably a lot like HF’s Dorothy. Big, thick, juicy citrus. Think Meyer lemons, pink grapefruit juice, just a splash of pool water, some pineapple juice, maybe a little guava, and a very faint breath of briny sea air. It’s juicy and citrusy, and nuanced by the minutest turn of bitter hop pine and chive. It smells like citrus funky hop wash. On the tongue, the beer tastes softly tart, like a good fruit juice. There is a little bit of fruity sweetness in the beginning, but this is dried out by the close, which only just suggests sour dough, bread crumbs, and pineapple flesh. Bitters enter in the middle of the sip of citrus freshness, maneuvering through bursts of lemon, grapefruit juice fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with a finish of light chalky pith bitters. The bitters, however, are superbly tempered by the citrus acidity and the faintest kiss of salinity, which cuts any true bite from the tongue. The aftertaste is faintly bitter, wavering from fresh pine to pineapple citrus, but nibbling at the tongue all the same. A nimble tartness also ebbs at the gum line and toes its way over the tongue, leaving a feeling of freshness. In the mouth, this beer is extremely light for its 8.1% ABV. It feels nimble, with a great, full carbonation that froths over the tongue and leaves aftershocks of effervescence tingling. When you really scoop at it, the body is firmly on medium ground, but still somewhere in the 6% realm, and nowhere near its true boozy nature. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left rather neutral for the style, with some spittle pooling at the tip of the tongue and working over its surface, but nothing particularly drenching nor arid is felt. As I am often found thinking with hoppy brett fermented beers, this is like citrus fruit juice in the morning. It is more on the grapefruit citrus-side of the spectrum from Funky Gold Mosaic, and ends up falling in the realm of Dorothy, mostly from the interplay of sea salt with the brett citrus and Citra and Cascade, I suspect. The sea salt seems to add a close – though not exact – play on the funky “pool water” flavor I often note in Hill Farmstead Farmstead Ales©. This is delicious, and I could drink it for days. The ABV is nicely masked by its easy crushability and nimble mouthfeel, and I think it would play well with heavier flavored foods (perhaps fruit-based desserts?), especially with that cleansing carb action on the tongue. This is some tasty funk-hop wash.


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