Love Buzz Saison (Anchorage Brewing Company)

Style: Brett Saison brewed with spices and aged in French Oak Pinot Noir Barrels

8.0% ABV

40 IBU’s

From: Anchorage, AK

Brewery’s Note: “A feeling overcomes, deriving of a most curious perplexity. A rich desire awakens to explore the contents of such delicate loveliness. Upon a deep connection with rounded lips, a bitter sweet complexity enters the soul…and so begins an amorous affair.

Heightened awareness envelopes the senses as the grandeur of such bold character develops. Caramel beauty exhibits itself, sprawling its full body widely upward, bubbling with excitement. Tantalizing effects of peppery bitterness grasps the tongue. Enchantment takes hold as a blanket of citrus slowly unfolds. As in any noteworthy love story, a subtle fruity sweetness of a rose emerges to the finish. A warm contentment grazes over, signifying a united marriage of balance and pleasure./ Fortitude has revealed itself to those who have encountered such an enriching experience. An experience so delectable, so defining, so unequivocal. An experience that is Love’s Buzz.”

The beer pours a deep, egg yolk orange. A slight bronze burnish accentuates the color, as the body forms a nearly opaque, cloudy body that lets through just brief flashes of light. The pour forms a nice, tightknit Styrofoam head that sizzles to a salt pile scrim, but leaves nice tentacles and tendrils of fluffier lacing. The legs of the beer are faint, shimmering mirages, only present when you look for them. On the nose, the beer produces a beautiful bouquet. From earthy-spicy bretta emerges fresh tangelo flesh, a touch of lime, lemongrass, peppercorn, sourdough bread, and lots of orange juice. There is aged hay and nettles, but it all is splashed with the perfect nuance of citrus. Below all else lurks the raw, grainy wood of the barrel, giving touches of almond and raw, gristly plank. It smells of superb nuanced brett in all its glory, with just the faintest dig of cloying funk deep within the nostrils. On the tongue, the beer tastes of orange flesh, orange blossom, and then raw pith.  It starts with mild acidity alongside orange juice sweetness, then slowly tangoes into an earthiness that is tempered by bitter hay and herbs. The earthiness grows tea-like with tannic oak structure on the close, but orangey acidity returns to bring a fresh splash of fruit and then bitter citrus pith that nibbles the tongue into the astringent, tannic finish. The beer is medium plus bodied, with a full, crackling carb that peppers the tongue with a balancing fierceness that is at times a touch too much. The beer is crisp, yet full and tautening on the tongue, it leaves an astringent tannic bite to quench as spittle rushes in and the roof of the mouth is left minty clean. The beer is earthy, yet wonderfully citric and fruity. It’s not fully dry, but definitely leaves the mouth feeling so, and would take to medium bodied foods very nicely. Orangey, pithy, yet with that earthy hay-like must that bretta can bring. Clearly Anchorage has a comprehension of the myces, and they seem to be utilizing this knowledge well. I’ve been hearing good things for quite some time. This is an orangey bitter farmhouse funky fest. It is on the bitterer-side of the farmhouse spectrum, but doesn’t ever seem particularly “hoppy,” inside taking to other flavors and nuances of the bitter world. It is delicious and orangey.


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