2015 Brother Soigne (Grassroots Brewing Company)

Style: Mixed Fermentation American Farmhouse Ale brewed with Lime, Hibiscus, and Blood Orange

5% ABV

Brewed On: 05/28/2015

From: Greensborough, VT

Brewery’s Note: “A tart, refreshing farmstead™ ale brewed with our dear friend Luc Bim Lafontaine, formerly of Dieu du Ciel! Lime, hibiscus and blood orange in a mixed fermentation.”

The beer pours a pale, peach-orange, with pine board nuances. It’s clean, yet entirely cloudy, and opaque in color. The beer forms a gorgeous, rocky head of foam spritz, off-white in color, but close to egg-shell white. It leaves a gorgeous cling of lacing, fluffy and full, encircling all the glass and leave a fat sheet drizzling. Beautiful coloring and gorgeous beer. On the nose, the HF funk is clear in its bright citrus nuanced with sour dough. Lemon water and chalky lactic acid give way to rich Mineola orange with a final nostril flourish of berry-like hibiscus that still manages a touch of floral nuance. Pool water, mineral water, and very light licks of hay and raw grains. On the tongue, the beer is softly tart with a richer citrus fruit puckering flourish in the finish. Orange sweetness melds with soft berry sweetness, and just a touch grainy crust. Bitters mingle quickly dancing from rich citric pith with herbal lingering to a bitter chalk. The earthy minerality rounds in on the close in rich, granite, stone dust, and just a touch of dirt. The very finish carries a rich, berry jam and orange marmalade flavor that is absolutely stunning in its delciousness, yet the aftertaste is dry with lactic chalkiness and just a touch of orange pith and dry grain. In the mouth, the beer is on the lightest side of medium, with a smooth effervescence and a fuller carbonation that brings a slight tingle, and a gorgeous softness that makes the beer endlessly drinkable, yet sharp and crisp with a tart snap. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left with a gentle pucker and a dry chalkiness over the tongue, despite a torrent of spittle welling over it. The extremes of the mouth, however, are relatively dry by comparison. The tongue feels slightly raw with a tingle to it and a scrape of sand-paperiness. Overall, this is a damn beautiful ale, and one of my favorites from the Hills. It is endlessly drinkable, yet full of minerally earthiness and rich citric sweetness and acidity. This beer is the epitome of balance and sophistication in a rustic farmhouse suit. Its wonderful acidity and citric sweetness tango with the farmstead yeast in such excellent synchronicity that it is a hard to imagine a beer better balancing such wonderful flavors. Sean Hill is an extremely talented brewer, one of the best there has ever been, I’ll even say. It is hard to find a bad beer in his arsenal, which makes truly exceptional beers from him that much more superb. This is one of those creations that really stands out. It is exceptional, it is superb, and it’s a personal favorite.


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