Terra Locale Series: Horti-Glory (Wicked Weed Brewing Company)

Terra Locale Series: Horti-Glory (Wicked Weed Brewing Company)

Style: Tart Farmhouse Ale with Flowers

6.0% ABV

From: Asheville, NC

Brewery’s Note: “Horti-Glory is a tart, farmhouse ale brewed with Riverbend Malt and fermented with our house culture of brettanomyces. The addition of seasonal elderflowers, hyssop, and honeysuckle transform the rustic house culture into a lovely floral brett saison.”

The beer pours a chalky yellow, with a deeply cloudy body that obscures the other side. The body is full of minor chunks and such, but it looks nice. A small head of compact, eggshell white bubbles form and then fade to scrim across the glass with slippery cling that leaves little in terms of visuals. On the nose, the beer smells of tart and herbal pool water. Gassy bretta notes blend with a very slight sulfuric funk, hay, subtle lemongrass citrus, and just a kiss of berry flesh. On the tongue, the beer tastes softly tart, with a mild bread and fruit sweetness that takes on some chalkier acidity and an earthy minerality that breathes a touch of ocean’s salty air alongside poolside splash and herbal funk. A berry/tropical sweetness enters along the finish with slight floral bitters that dry out the tongue and give a fruit slash. In the mouth, the beer is on the crisper side of medium bodied with middling, crackly carb that never touches fierce. There is a gelling close that gives the beer a thicker, coagulated closing touch with some prickly astringency from the bitter end. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left slightly taught, yet clean and neutral. Some spittle splashes along the tongue, but it is middling to light in the greater measure of things. This beer comes off like a very heavy gose/Berliner weisse, but without the tartest bite. The beer is chalky on the mouth, and comes across thicker than it is. It drinks fresh and crisp, yet full, floral, and gripping. Overall, it’s a fruity tart sipper with a nice breathe of saltier minerality. It’s a breath of floral farmhouse ale, somewhere like a less citric-hoppy and more floral Dorothy. The tartness of the beer keeps it all together and balanced, while the earthiness gives it a lovely dig of complexity. It’s a lovely tart sipper of the farmhouse of variety.


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