Amorous (Wicked Weed Brewing Company)

Style: Dry-Hopped American Wild Ale


Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, and Mosaic

Bottle On:

From: Asheville, NC

Brewery’s Note: “Amorous is defined as being in love or enamored, and no one can doubt that Wicked Weed is in love with sour and hoppy ales. This bottle is a blend of both Brett and Sour barrels, dry hopped with a bouquet of American hops to accentuate the tropical and citrusy profile of each base beer. No ale is more Wicked Weed than amorous./Amorous is aged in red wine barrels for approximately 8-10 months and then dry-hopped with over 3.5 pounds per barrel. We love this beer both fresh off the dry hop and cellar aged.”

Brewery’s Narrative: “Mozah, the warrior, led without fear and was beloved by his men. He threshed his foes like wheat in the field – all fell by his sickle. The sun never set on the reign of his King, yet he lived as one eclipsed. When the sun and moon were mere memories to him, a single shape broke through the lifeless horizon – a mere form out of the void punctuated the glaze over his war-weary eyes. She was as beautiful as a murmur to a deaf minstrel. He ran to the frail shape and caught her, Amor, the queen of the tribes that he had slaughtered. His despair ceased, and the day that lit their love never ended. Their story is now legend: no two know love like that of Mozah and Amor.”

The beer pours a bright and brilliant, piss-yellow with a huge head off pristine white bubbles that slosh away to leave tendrils and tundra’s with a finger-width pillow of bubbles below that. The lacing is fat, all-encompassing, fluffy, and really nice looking on the glass. In body, the beer is crystal clear, clean, and full of a maelstrom of torrential bubbles that claw at the surface of the beer. This is an active and attractive looking beverage. On the nose, the beer smells of rich, citrus brett. Lemon curds alongside lime peel, lime juice, slight pineapple, some subtle hay, rubber eraser, slight wood shavings, pear juice… the scents are endless but bunch around fresh citric awesomeness and slight herbal funk. It’s reminiscent of HF’s Dorothy, but with more of the fresh citrus you often find in the HF farmhouse ales. I had Tired Hands SaisonHands recently and it smells akin to that, I think. It drowns the nose in fresh citrus funk, and it smells endlessly complex, and just great. On the tongue, the beer tastes of sharper acidity that blends with fruit juice sweetness and then falls slowly to slight citric bitters with just a touch of astringent tannin. The citrus moves in acidic and bitter circles over the palate, painting some nice complexity. The finish of the beer is odd in its dry fruitiness, almost akin to a farmhouse cider. The beer is lighter on the palate than the nose had suggested, and in flavor presents pleasant lime juice, which runs into a lemon light grain with nuances of cider, hay, and slight chalk. The citrus flavors are more akin to candy citrus, but carry enough freshness and acidic bite to them that it doesn’t feel heavy on the tongue. The very beginning and finish of the sip carry nice burps of bretta funk, reminiscent of Brux, with the very faintest hint of pool water, pine, and something almost sickly that I just can’t quite place. The off-putting nature may just be an amalgamation of everything else or perhaps the red wine barrels (?), but is never bad enough to turn me off from this beer, nor to make me think this is bad in any way. Quite the contrary, this beer is delicious. In the mouth, the beer feels svelter than I would have suspected, resting comfortably on the lower side of medium bodied. The carb is surprisingly light given the visible torrent in the glass, but does provide a nice and cleansing scrub and prickle, while allowing the mouthfeel to be crisp and effervescent, if also slightly languid and syrupy. When the beer leaves, the mouth if left with a proper sheen of spittle over the tongue, as well as a gentle astringency that tightens the tongue nicely. Spittle does pour slightly from the salivitory glands. Overall, this is another nice hoppy dry-hopped wild ale. This type of beer seems to slowly be growing some distinguishing key features that will one day carve out a true style, and Amorous seems to uphold these rising features quite nicely. The red wine barrel is pretty much lost to the other things in this beer, but I think it may be adding to the weird, sickly touch I’m getting. For nitpickings sake, I would say plain old oak barrels would have done better for this beer as I would have liked to see a bigger bite of tannin and a little more oak interplay in flavor, but I’m not a brewer so I’m probably wrong… As is, this is good, fresh, and interesting to sip. It doesn’t blow me away, but I would never turn it down. That Asheville place seems to be making good beer, I wonder if there are any other breweries there…(?) (<= Sarcasm. I feel like I need to clarify that.)

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