The Wind (Lost Nation Brewing Company)

Style: Citra Dry-Hopped Gose w/Grapefruit

4.5% ABV

From: Morristown, VT

Brewery’s Note: “Introducing our latest bottled beer, The Wind. The Wind is our classic Gose dry hopped with Citra hops and grapefruit. Some of you may have had this beer in the past as a cask beer. Well we liked it so much that we figured out how to bottle it.”

The beer pours a very pale and chalky yellow with a fat, frothy head of sudsy and eggshell white bubbles. In body, it is a cloudy, opaque mystery. On nose, the beer is juicy with mashed grapefruit lined with lime peel and lemon rinds. There is bright, grapefruit juice oozing off the nose alongside the ghost of pine and citrus hops, which must be the citra. When you dig, you can sort of get the brininess of the base beer, but the citrus grapefruit is just so huge and expressive that little else comes through on the nose… and you know what? That is just perfectly fine with me. This is beer citrus juice. On the tongue, the beer is light, bright and crushable. Light, tart acidity pops everything over the tongue, while a soft sweetness somewhere between bread and fruit balancing it out. An earthiness touches the finish, hinting at the gose base, but this is faint, and really just works to round out the taste and pulling everything together. In flavor, this is bright citrus juice with the mild finish of briney, earthy gose, which I love. Think lemonade, grapefruit juice, a splash of citra hops, a bare hint of wheat malt, and a little salty/minerally tang at the finish. There is also mild grapefruit pith, perhaps a touch of pulp, and tons of fresh citrus juice with that briney, earthy finish. In the mouth, the beer is light, crisp, and endlessly crushable. It has the feel of cool, fresh grapefruit juice, almost like it has strings of pulp still in it, only without the strings. The carb is middling and frothy, and the mouth is left wet and tingly, yet slightly dry along the tongue. Overall, this is fresh, citrus fruit beer that I could crush for days. It is crisp, refreshing, and still carries the right amount of gose to leave me satisfied. It is superbly drinkable, and perfect for a hot summer day. If you go to Vermont, grab a bottle of this and enjoy it in the sun. Lost Nation makes beer that I just want to drink for days. I need to get up to Morristown to visit them.


One thought on “The Wind (Lost Nation Brewing Company)

  1. Your review makes me want to drive to VT this weekend and pick up The Wind! What kind of glass do you call this big one in the forefront?

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