Sensory Series Vol. 1 Remastered w/Brett (Stillwater Artisanal Ales)

Style: Herb/Vegetable Ale

6% ABV

Brewery’s Note: “Ale brewed with Hibiscus.”

The beer pours a pale golden color, frothing up a huge,
eggshell white head of condensed bubbles that like to last. When the head does
recede, it leaves fat, bubbly sheets of lacing in its wake. The beer is crystal
clear and clean in body, with only the color giving it a gentle haze. On the
nose, the beer smells tart and vegetal, almost like rhubarb with a bit of
chlorine. The hibiscus slowly works its way into the nose with a soft, floral
fruitiness. There is a soft hint of fresh wood in the nose, and even this is
wrapped up in an omnipotent sense of Brettanomyces funk that haunts the nose.
Its smells good, but it is restrained and funky all at the same time, which is
different. On the tongue, the beer tastes tart, but this drops off swiftly to a
bready sweetness. Bitterness lurks and builds in an herbal, hoppy character
around the mouth, and balances the finish, but the bready sweetness is oddly pertinent
until the aftertaste. In flavor, the very initial hit of the beer on the tongue
suggests what the nose promises, but then this warms to buttery bread,
crackers, and the herbal bitter hibiscus. A metallic sense moves over the palette
as the finish draws strange, muted flavors. Sometimes I get rich grain notes
that are blended in with the hibiscus, while other times the flavor is oddly
flat and generically bitter. In the mouth, the beer is on the light side of
medium bodied. The carb is full, and gives a healthy scrub to the tongue, yet also
gives a smooth, fluffy mouthfeel with a good crispness. When the beer leaves,
the mouth is left slightly astringent, damp all over the tongue, yet neutral in
an overarching sense. Overall, this is an odd little brett ale. It’s funky and
got some great complexity to it, but then it has some odd dampened flavors that
only show up in half of the sips. I like this as an overall drink, and find it
crisp and nice to sip, but the oddities keep it from being great. A good beer
with some flaws.


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