Smuttlabs Gose (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Gose

4.75% ABV

Bottled on: 11/25/14

From: Hampton, NH

Brewery’s Note: Tart wheat beer brewed with coriander and salt

The beer pours a crystal clear, piss yellow color that is vibrant in the glass. When you mix in a little bit of the yeast shot, the beer (surprisingly…) loses some of its clarity. It forms a small head of eggshell white bubbles, but like most Smuttlabs tart beers, the head is lost swiftly. A torrent of carb bubbles can be seen pounding the surface of the beer, but it remains placid and clear of even a scrim. On the nose, the beer smells slightly tart and yogurty with a twinge of salt (not brine but minerally salt). There is a touch of lemon lime, but the nose is predominantly yogurt. This bottle is a little old (bottled on 11/25/14) and I had other bottles that were more overpoweringly coriandered, so the yogurt is an interesting development. On the tongue, the beer tastes tart and floral with coriander that almost hits sickly sweet levels, but then is brought to a close with a rich finish of doughy sweets. Think tart, lacto lemon moving into nearly offensive coriander, but then finishing with rich, doughy wheat flakes. The tartness is rich enough to put a snap on the tip of the tongue. The beer is light bodied, with a snappy carb, and a sharp, crisp mouthfeel that still manages to gel along the edges of the tongue. The mouth is left with lightly pooling spittle, an icy freshness on the roof of the mouth, and a slight puckering to the tongue. Overall, it’s nice and drinkable, but not Smuttlabs best. There’s a little too much coriander (I’m finding that problem a lot with the new crop of goses that have been showing up) and there is a little too much sweetness to make this beer properly crushable. It does, however, have redeeming elements that make it tasty, and nice on a warm spring day.


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