Gose (Lost Nation Brewing Company)

Style: Gose

4.5% ABV

8 IBU’s

From: Morristown, VT

Brewery’s Note: “A traditional German beer style that was all but extinct 30 years ago. An amazingly refreshing beer brewed with coriander and sea salt. The tart, dry finish combined with the hint of salt and citrus leaves your palate craving another sip.”

The beer pours a bright golden color with a fat billowy head of tightly packed eggshell white bubbles. The beer is beautifully clear and bright, with just a slight distortion coming from the rich golden color of the beer. It looks like summer. On the nose, the beer smells of sweet citrus, touches of herbal coriander, some lemon grass, and a big touch of salinity, almost like sprite. On the tongue, the beer tastes sweet with a splash of light citric acidity that crackles along the tongue into the finish. It has a more substantial malt sweetness to it than some, but in the perfectly balanced sense that accentuates all other tastes. In flavor, it begins with lemon juice, with a crackling bite that flows into lightly sweet wheat crackers brined in the sea, with an earthy minerality that crackles with touches of lime stone. In the mouth, the beer feels thin and crisp, with a sharp carbonation that crackles like soda over the tongue. Its light brininess gives the beer a slight weight that gives the beer just a touch of oomph, which works perfectly to increase the drinkability of the beer. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left slightly damp, yet clean and refreshed. Overall, this is a crushable gose with just the right touch of coriander, salt, and minerality. So many in the style overdo one of the key ingredients, but this one just balances everything beautifully. I could drink this all day. I want to drink this all day. Nice.


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