Broken Angel (Trillium Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

9.0% ABV

From: Boston, MA

Bottled on: 01/23/15

Brewery’s Note: “Belgian Strong Pale Ale”

The beer pours a pale yellow, like dried straw, and forms a head of eggshell white bubbles above the glass. When the head descends, it leaves an absolute sheet of creamy lacing, like a tidal wave of tiny eggs. It crystal clear and clean in body with a good carbonation running through it, and phenomenal clarity. On the nose, the beer smells of crisp, herbal hay, apricots, and just a touch of nectarines, with a metallic scent lurking below the rest, almost like the penny in some German-lagers, only this metallic scent seems more akin to citrus. Unripe banana and clean yeasty bread sit below the other scents. The nose is just a touch too metallic, but it really is bright and delicious, seeming to blend subtle yeast with old world hops, and just a touch of citric new world hops. On the tongue, the beer tastes doughy sweet, which blends with subtle citrus acidity, fruity esters, and then a splash of herbal bitters that mingle with lemongrass citrus. The finish is brief, yet the aftershock lingers nicely, giving a creamy sweetness. It tastes of subtle, unripe bananas, doughy bread dipped in citric lemon butter, and finished with herbal bitters, light hay, grass, and perhaps a touch of rosemary to dance beside the lovely, doughy finish of the beer. In the mouth, the beer feels medium bodied, yet svelte, creamy and smooth in mouthfeel, with a subtle effervescence and a light astringency that cleans the palate. When the beer leaves, the mouth oozes light spittle from the cheeks, but everything feels bright and clean. In the end, this does not taste its 9%. It tastes like a crushable 6% Belgian Pale Ale. It’s light and soft on the mouth, flavorful and great to put with food. This is a crushable 9% Belgian strong pale ale, which should be an oxymoron, and is definitely dangerous. This is just a solid drinking beer. Trillium scores again.


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