PM Dawn (Trillium Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Coffee Stout brewed with cold brewed Aceh coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

9.0% ABV

From: Boston, MA

Breweries Note: ?

Coffee Roaster’s Notes: “Syrupy body and low acidity with chocolate, black cherry and subtle earthy flavors. This coffee is grown by members of the Gayo Linge Organic Coffee Cooperative in the highlands of the Aceh Province in Northern Sumatra. Gayo Linge is a relatively new cooperative that was formed in August of 2008. This year, the Cooperative was comprised of 2274 members that each typically cultivate several acre farms throughout 30 villages. All of their coffee is shade grown and is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers. Companion planting with vegetables, fruit and palm sugar is the norm. Once picked, the seeds are Wet Hulled during their preparation and are then sun-dried and carefully hand picked before export. Wet Hulled process coffee is slightly cleaner than its natural process cousin, as it involves a soaking stage in water prior to being stripped of its hull. The coffee retains an exotic Indonesian character. Because of its wonderfully syrupy body, this coffee is a great choice for those who enjoy their coffee with milk or cream even at our light roast treatment.”

The beer pours out like a thick, sludgy, turbid coffee. It sits in the glass as a midnight chocolate black, with a fresh whipped and frothy head of dark tan bubbles, which leave a sticky, thin particulate of lacing on the sides of the glass when it leaves. It’s nice to look at, like a good cup of joe. The beer is unsurprisingly opaque, with no light traveling through its inky interior. On the nose, it smells of fresh ground coffee. Earthy and vegetal notes intermingle, reminding me of musty loam, whispers of chocolate, wet mud, touches of generic coffee roast, and brittle, metallic graphite. This is one hell of an earthy smelling beer, with just a hint of boozy dark fruit lingering around to round out the edges. It is fascinating to sink the nose into. On the tongue, the beer tastes briefly of bready sweetness, slowly building into distinct bitterness that blends coffee roast with something more herbal. Acidity and booziness seem present on the very beginning and very finishes of the sip, but the coffee bitterness seems to really overwhelm the middle of the sip. The beer is full in body, with a languid, fluffy carbonation, and a luxuriously soft and creamy mouthfeel. When it leaves the mouth is left dry, with a roasted tingle, and a fresh sheen of saliva covering everything. The tongue tingles with mild astringency, but it’s really on the roof of the mouth that the astringency is felt. In flavor, the beer with a bite of graphite, then sweet bread and a touch of red wine before the coffee bitters and roast move in. The bitters are less roast-focused than just herbal and earthy. The graphite seems to bite randomly throughout the sip, and it is joined by herbal nettles and dirt flavors. The finish is the richest in flavor, bringing sweet coffee, dark raisins, plum juice, a brief touch of pomegranate, and then smooth milk chocolate. In aftertaste, the mouth tingles with generic herbal-bitters with a touch of coffee roast. As I drink more, I start to sense more and more fruity-character hiding at the edges of this beer, and offering nice complexity, but overall the beer’s flavor is unfortunately muddled, especially for the complex nose it offered. It is an interesting coffee stout with some fascinating earthy notes, but doesn’t quite blow me away like other Trillium beers have. A good coffee beer.


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