Ryan and the Gosling (Evil Twin Brewing/Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project)

Style: Brett Pale Ale brewed with citrus peel and juice

4% ABV

Brewed at: Westbrook Brewing Co

Brewer’s Note: “Hey girl – just listening to you talk abouthow the 100% brettanomyces with CMY-1, CMY-5, CMY-7, along with the mash
consisting of pale 2-row, Munich II, oats, wheat and honey, together with
citrus peel and juice that is added at KO, followed by fresh zest with balanced
citrussy hop characteristics at whirlpool – makes me wanna drink this beer just
for you.”

The beer pours a pale, lemony yellow, with soda pop head of
fizzly white bubbles that don’t last, but leave healthy, stringy lacing along
the walls of the glass. In body, the beer is hazy, unclear, and essentially
opaque. On the nose, it smells of sweaty, citrus brett. Pineapples, lemons,
some fresh cut grass, a barnyard, and a faint hint of lemon pledge (not in a
bad amount) waft their way across the nostrils, creating a very citrus focused,
funky brett nose. On the tongue, the beer tastes mildly acidic, with a mellow
citric pop, but with a bready sweetness that mingles with fruit sweetness. An
herbal bitterness builds into the middle and finish with a balancing ark that
helps to dry the palate. The middle of the palate does briefly touch mushroomy
earthiness, but that melds with the bitters and falls away with the finish. In
the mouth, the beer feels light bodied, with a nice, attenuated crispness on
the tongue. The carb is of a higher level, and crackles almost unpleasantly over
the tongue, giving a sharp ferocity to the sip, while the overall mouthfeel is
crisp and light. In flavor, the beer moves from citrus peel, to herbal hay and
light barnyard, to traces of pool water and salinity that walks the line
between crushable flavor complexity and odd flavoring. Touches of pine,
mushroom funk, and lemons work their way into the sip as well, but none of
these flavors are especially girthy in the mouth, and overall the beer is just
refreshing and crisp to sip on. This is a crushable brett that I wish was
available in six-packs for cheap, or on tap everywhere, so that I could drink
lots of it for a night out. It is sessionable and interesting, but the pool
water, and a-touch-to-fierce carb hold it back from being anything incredible. It’s
a brett pale ale, and I personally wish there was more in this style, so I like
it a lot, but I’ve had better and am in no ways blown away by the beer. It’s
just easy to sip and tasty.



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