Smuttlabs Smoked Peach Short Weiss (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Smoked Peach American Weisse

6.9% ABV

From: Portsmouth, NH

Bottled: 12/18/14

Brewery’s Note: “Berliner-style wheat ale with peaches and
smoked malt”

The beer pours a pale, chalky yellow, with perhaps just a
hint of red to its color. It forms little to no head, and is nearly opaque in
body with a cloudy murk. Honestly, it’s not the prettiest. On the nose, the
beer has a similar smell to Smuttlabs
Short Weiss
, which is odd since I’ve had other bottles that smelled more
distinctly of chalky peaches. I like this smell more, as it is full of wheat flakes,
strawberry, jam, and just a brief push of vegetal and fruity peach aspects. It’s
a heavy fruit bouquet, but not too thick to belay the styles drinkable nature.
On the tongue, the beer tastes slightly tart, fruity and sweet. The tartness is
omnipresent and becomes more apparent on further sips, nibbling lightly at the
gum line, but never tearing them back. The sweetness gets a little thick on the
finish with its cloying peachiness (admittedly I don’t love peaches… love
nectarines, but am not a huge fan of peaches), but not in a debilitating way.
The beer feels light in body, though thicker than its Weisse breatheren, with a
slick, chalky mouthfeel that oozes a little over the tongue. When the beer
leaves, the mouth is left with a pleasant pucker, while the tongue and gum line
feel sticky with phlegmy spittle. In flavor, the beer tastes much like a more
wheat-heavy version of Smuttlabs Short Weiss, with a finish of peach and
something of an herbal/vegetal nature that is interesting and tasty. I sense no
phenolic notes, nor any hint of smoke, which is too bad… I was looking forward
to the oddity of that. It’s a peach American Weiss at the end of the day, a
little too peachy for my personal taste, but pleasant and with simplistic
complexity. It remains refreshing, despite its higher ABV, but something in the
feel, and perhaps just a touch of booze in the finish hint at its above average
content. As I drink more and more, though, I do start to sense the bite/tingle
that smoked beer put in the mouth, though there is no flavor of smoke. Overall,
it’s not bad. I’ve had a few bottles, and I found the peach notes a little more
cloying and heavy in the others, though I still noted no smoke. I would hold
the other Smuttlabs Weisses above this one in my personal ratings, only because
I’m not a peach fan, but overall it’s a decent beer and the first Smuttlabs
Weisse to be free of the plastic flavor, which is excellent. I do wish there
was more smoke though.


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