Lamoille Bretta (Lost Nation Brewing)

5.9% ABV

Style: Wild Saison/ Saison Re-Conditioned with Brettanomyces

From: Morristown, VT

Brewery’s Note: “Lamoille Bretta is the Saison Lamoille farmhouse ale which has been re-fermented with Brettanomyces.”

The beer pours with a massive, frothy, snow peaked head, and it does not leave. I’m talking 3+ fingers’ width of rollicking, soapy bubbles that leave thick, frothy strands of lacing. Moving on from the gorgeous, overzealous head… The beer pours the color of light gold, with gorgeous clarity and translucence, and a lot of carbonation bubbles in the body. It’s a pretty beer for sure, though I wish the head was a little less aggressive (this means the brett is still quite active, however, which is pleasing). On the nose, the beer is beautifully citric brett. I’m talking lemon-lime with some peel thrown in, and some hay and farmyard funk prickling along the edges. Pineapple is there, but the beautiful, spritzy, funky citrus is the star of the nose. This is some of the best brett citrus character I’ve come across thus far in my beery travels. On tongue, the beer tastes gently citric tart, with a funky sweetness. The acidity lingers on the tongue, and almost intensifies after the beer has left, though it is still rather mild. The earthy minerality of brett is also present in the middle and finish of the sip, but plays a significantly lesser fiddle to the sweet citrus funk. At the finish of the beer you also finally become aware of grassy, herbal bitters helping to keep the beer balanced. This beer is crisp, yet soft and smooth on the tongue, and it leaves with a nice snap of carbonation. In flavor, it features lime moving into tart lemon, tangoing with subtle hay and barnyard, with just a touch of wheat. The finish is of scratchy horse blanket, though it is a softer blanket than normal. Soft mineral water, and salinity tango in the middle and finish of the beer as well. In the mouth the beer is medium light in body, with an effervescent carbonation that seems far more integrated than the aggressive head that the beer formed. The mouth is left damp from saliva when the beer leaves, while the tongue takes a touch of astringency from the ghosting hops in the beer. This beer is hugely crushable, yet complex in all its bretty majesty. I have been supremely impressed with Lost Nation so far, as they keep the ABV low and the complexity and deliciousness high. They should ship to NH. We’re closer than MA and we need beer like yours… Please? Shoutout to ED for bringing me this lovely bottle. If you have one, pop it whenever. If you have two, age one just to see what that silly brett does. Just be aware that the aged bottle will probably be a gusher. This beer is supreme.



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